4 Alternatives for Organize Your Bags and Purses

I am certainly not a purse or bag fanatic but somehow over the years I have built an extensive collection of both. I don't even use half of them but they are just too cute to throw away. If you are in the same position and keep telling yourself that at some point you will use that bright pink and purple clutch or you will just hand it down to your kid then these alternative ways to organize your bags may be helpful!

1. Take advantage of your hangers

If you are an extremely rare individual then you will have enough room in your closet to hang your bags and purses on the hangers. The key to hanging your bags on hangers is to make sure they are evenly balanced on each side of the hanger that way they don't slide right off one side. This is probably the most ideal way to store your purses and bags because they are hidden and it is easy access. For the rest of us that aren't as lucky, I am going to give you some other simple ideas.


2. Wall hooks are always a good idea

Use your wall! If you don't have enough space in your closet (like most of us) it is always a smart idea to use wall hooks. Not only can these be used for your bags and purses, you can use them to hang your coats, scarves, towels and pretty much anything that can be hung up. You can even install hooks on the inside of your closet door so they are hidden.

3. Install more shelves

It never hurts to add more shelves in your room. Something like the image above can be really cute to display your nicest purses! Make your own cool design.


4. Buy a coat rack

A good alternative to hang your bags and purses is using a coat rack! The good thing about this is that it is free standing so you can move it from place to place. If you are going to have people in your room you can easily pick up the coat rack and put it behind the door to create more space.

Easy, right? All of these options are fairly priced, easy to install and worth giving a chance in order to have an organized space!

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