4 Easily Achievable Spring Cleaning Tips for People that have a Hard Time Parting with Things


Are you someone who first and foremost, hates spring cleaning, but also hates getting rid of things you invested in?? I know what you mean.

  • What if you need it later?
  • What if you just want to hang on to it because you spent money on it?!

Times like these I ask myself: do I want to become a hoarder or do want to have a healthy balance of belongings in my home? I'll take the latter and hopefully you will too! Now is the time to do some deliberate and non-overwhelming purging/organizing, so you can make life easier on yourself. 

Here it goes!

1. Take it one room (step) at a time.

Baby steps.

  • Pick just one room and take your time there.
  • The goal is to look through every single drawer, cabinet, closet and take out anything you feel you really do not need.
  • Keep in mind that this doesn't have to be a lot of things, even if you finish with only having gotten rid of 5 items, this is  progress! Getting rid of those 5 things means you have more room in your space even if it is just slightly. 

Once you get into the flow of things, keep the momentum going. It is going to be a lot harder to get yourself in the organizing "mood" again a week or a month later. My advice for you is to get as much cleaning and organizing done as possible now. This will make your life a lot easier!

2. Clear out your bathroom cabinet.

This is probably one of the easier places to clean! Why?

  • It's not too big.
  • It has a surprising amount of things you never realized you should get rid of!
  • Cleaning your bathroom cabinet is a good way to feel accomplished. 

Throw out all those expired medication bottles because ironically, they can be hazardous! And don't forget the dried up mascara and vitamins.

3. Get rid of doubles.

While you are cleaning, organizing or just putting away your laundry, make sure to be aware of all the things you have more than one of. Do your really need 7 cheese graters??? I think not!

4. Host a wine night.

Now this idea....is genius! Asking a friend to come over and help you purge doesn't sound exactly fun. But, throw some wine into the mix and things change! I  have difficulty getting rid of things so having a friend to help decide what I should keep and what I don't really need can be helpful. They can help you make realistic choices instead of emotional ones.

Spring cleaning is never easy. The key is to think about the future. Do you want to walk into a messy and cluttered house in a few months from now and regret making the decision to put spring cleaning on the back burner? A day or two of organizing your home and getting rid of clutter will be all worth it when you are able to walk into your beautiful, organized house and feel at ease. 

Download your own personal checklist by clicking on the image below! Make Spring cleaning easier on yourself.



  • Posted on by Deborah Fazzino

    Love my racks!

  • Posted on by Anna rae holland

    We combined two households and could never have accomplished organization without the Origami rolling racks. The Best for vertical storage. Thank you Origami.

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