5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Garage

Have you been dreading the thought of cleaning the disaster called your garage? I think we can all relate. Someway, somehow the garage has become what I call, a “junk drawer.” All the “junk” that is not being used or is no longer needed ends up being hoarded in the garage.

If you have been thinking about doing this for a long time, don’t wait any longer! These five steps will help you organize your garage.


 This may seem like a waste of time but trust me, it is important to have goals when organizing your garage otherwise you will lose focus. It’s kind of like reading a really boring book; you get distracted so easily because it isn’t interesting and end up focusing on literally anything else.

 One of your goals might be to only keep items you need. This goal will help clear up space in your garage for the important things. Another helpful goal may be to pick how much time you want to invest in arranging tour garage. Having a timeline can help you stay organized.



 This is the toughest step of organizing your garage. The key here is to touch everything. Keeps the things you need on one side of the garage and the rest on the other side. The more you keep of what you don’t need, the less space you will have for what you do need.

Once you have divided your garage in two, it is time to decide whether you will donate, sell or trash the items you do not need. Don’t spend too much time debating. And as a side note, make sure you don’t anger your hubby by throwing away any prized possessions, it happened to me (oops!). To save some trouble, double check with your partner before throwing anything away.



 This is the step that you will need to designate areas for each category and function of what is left. This step took me forever; it was really hard for me to visually imagine where I wanted everything to go.  After some intense deliberating, I decided to store all of my holiday decorations (which is an insane amount) in the left corner of the garage and the tools in the right.  Try to set a clear layout in your head and get started.



 This is the most exciting and self-accomplishing step! If you are following the steps correctly, your garage should be looking how you always imagined it. You are almost finished but first, let’s add some style to this garage of yours! This step is all about the organizational tools you use. If you want your garage to look good and to be functional at the same time, we highly recommend the products below.

My favorite product for garage organization is the Origami Systemate STM-01. Being an indecisive person, the Systemate was perfect because I was able to relocate it simply by rolling it across the garage.

Some of Our Other Favorites:



Now that the transformation is complete, and you can actually call your garage a garage, it is important to KEEP IT THAT WAY! I know what it’s like to get busy and have a hard time keeping things organized. If you don’t keep the future in mind, the “junk drawer” will become a vicious cycle. As much of a hassle as it might be, always clean up after working in your garage, this will ensure that the future of your garage is bright!

Happy Organizing!


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