A Guide to Organization for all the Shoe Lovers out There

If you are a shoe lover, I am willing to bet that you can never find quite enough storage for your entire collection plus the family's. If you walk into your closet right now, are the shoes on the floor? Are shoes overflowing out of the basket in your front entrance or the guest closet? Yep, this sounds like the classic case of taking all the wrong steps to organize your precious shoe collection.

Explore Options

The number one key to better shoe organization is knowing what different storage options you have. There are many products for storing shoes so do some research and get familiar with which kind would fit best in your space.

I would say that the ideal space for shoes is underneath your hanging clothes. A tiered rack or cubby slots make great use of all that unused floor space and keeps everything in the same space.


Use Baskets

Another solution is a wicker basket. It can get messy but there is NOTHING worse than the kids running through the door tracking mud in and then tossing their shoes in the living room. Making it easy for them makes it easier for yourself. The key to using baskets is making sure that at the end of each day you ask the kids to grab their shoes and take them to their room.


Think Seasons

You won't need boots in the summer and you won't need flip flops in the winter so clear your closet and put them in storage for the meanwhile. Boxes in your garage or under your bed are good places to add extra storage. Throw away or donate shoes that don't fit or are outdated. 

Keep up the Good Work

Lastly, it is important to maintain shoes on a daily basis. What I mean by this is when you enter your home every evening simply make it a habit to put away shoes on the floor. It takes less than a minute to gather any stray shoes and plop them on a rack or in a basket.

I want to help you stay organized! Click below for your own shoe organizing checklist.






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