Five Steps to Creating an Organized Kitchen

Five Steps to Creating an Organized Kitchen

The average American home houses over 300,000 items. It can seem like a lot, and when you're not organized, it can look like a lot, too!

However, if you create organization within the spaces of your home, 300,000 items can seem like nothing. The kitchen is a particularly dicey space for clutter, but with these five steps, you'll be on your way to ruling an organized kitchen kingdom in no time.

Empty Everything
If you've got a folding kitchen cart or kitchen storage racks filled with food and cooking tools, you need to empty them. It's difficult to discern what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown away when it's all stacked in these tight spaces. Once everything is out in the open, give those cabinets a good cleaning while make the purge.

Group Similar Items Together
Once everything is clean, it's time to start organizing. Sort all your baking items and pile them together, and do the same with cooking items. Group the dishes you eat from, glassware, holiday or other seasonal items that only get used once or twice a year, as well as those special entertaining or serving pieces that are only used occasionally. If you need to store something seasonal, now is the time to do it.

Use Clear Containers
Colorful containers may seem like a good idea when you first see them, but labels can peel and fall off. By using clear containers, you'll easily be able to tell what's inside, no matter what. This will not only help you streamline your kitchen storage racks and cabinets, it will make finding things much easier.

Store Your Storage Stash
The average American woman owns about 30 outfits, but the average American kitchen is home to potential mountains of plastic storage containers. If a container doesn't have a matching lid, toss it. Streamlining your storage containers will make those kitchen racks much more orderly, and it will save you time when cleaning up dinner.

Use Vertical Space
The size of the average American home has nearly tripled in the last 50 years, and so has the amount of wall space. Garden racks and garage cabinets make use of the vertical space, so why shouldn't your kitchen? Create wall racks for measuring spoons and other utensils by placing some cork board inside a cabinet door, or on the back of kitchen storage racks, and attach small hooks. If you're feeling really creative, you can even create wall art around your utensil hooks.

Keeping an organized kitchen can look like a difficult task to many, especially after a long day of cooking. But if you take the time to organize this space, future kitchen adventures will be more play than work.

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