Five Tips to Help Re-Organize Your Office Space


Approximately 32% of office workers admit to keeping a disorganized and cluttered work space (you know who you are), which can lead to a lack of productivity, motivation, and even positivity.

The good news? Organizing your work space isn't nearly as scary as you might think. With a good laptop trolley and these five simple tips, you should be on your way to total desk organization in no time.

Purge It
There comes a point where you need to take on the "enough is enough" mentality and set aside a day to purge unnecessary items in your office. If there's an item you don't need, then you should toss it. Take on one area at a time and ask yourself when the last time you used each item was. If it was longer than three months ago, it's time to turn to greener pastures.

Establish Work Zones
Like each room of your home serves a different purpose, so should each area in your office space. For basics, start with your work area, your reference area, and your storage area. Much like a kitchen has counters for work, kitchen racks for supplies, and kitchen pantry racks for reference materials, so should your office. From there, you can get into more specifics.

Get a Good Labeling Tool
Over the course of a lifetime, the average human will spend 153 days just searching for misplaced items. With a label maker, you'll be able to document the location of each item in your office, no matter how obscure. This way, everything will have a home.

Revise Your Filing System
One filing system may not last your entire career. As technology changes, so too must your record-keeping. Wall mount racks might have worked in the past, but you may want to use them for other projects now. Not only that, but electronic filing is largely used now, and can get just as unorganized as paper filing if you're not careful.

Bring in Storage
While a laptop trolley might provide a good source of portable work space, you may find yourself needing more storage space. For example, if you keep a comfortable pair of shoes in your office, some shoe organizers would be a good idea.

Whether you're innovating with different storage racks in your office, or simply emptying a bit of clutter, don't forget the importance of an organized and tidy office space. Over 42% of office workers said they tidy up less than once a month, so don't let your cleaning schedule slide!

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