Here are 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Life Organized

Becoming organized is not always easy. It can be difficult if you are set in your ways and have developed bad habits over the years of being disorganized. If this is the case then you might be someone who thinks you have it under control. Trust me when I say that I have been there before and thought it was no biggie also. Once you get all your things organized it is literally life changing! You will be even more efficient than before, have a clear mind and never have to worry about cleaning up or remembering when you next meeting is.

Sometimes getting organized can be expensive or extremely time consuming so I am going to give you 5 ways I stay organized that cost very little to nothing and are simple.


1. Get a planner

Don't just grab a notebook and scribble everything down. Go buy a planner that looks good and makes you feel good or print a free one out online! Every time I pull out my planner to write in it I instantly get excited and at ease. Write down every single thing that is on your mind in this planner. If you get a good one there will be a physical calendar you can write tasks down in and a sections for notes and reminders! You will have plenty of room to get it all out on paper. Carry this planner in your purse or keep it in your car at all times, that way whenever something comes to mind you can jot it down. Writing down what you have to do for that day, week and month will instantly make you more organized and declutter your mind. 


2. Put it away right now

Whenever I caught my desk or kitchen countertop getting cluttered I noticed that it was because I put off putting things I used away right then and there. It is so easy to let things bunch up because you tell yourself, "I'll put that away when I get back home." So, just put it away right now.


3. Donate or trash things you don't use

The first time I cleaned out my closet I realized that I still had clothes that I wore 5 - 7 years ago and no longer fit me. This happens in other areas of the house all the time. Think about that laundry cabinet or the garage, how long has it been since you actually looked through everything and made a decision to throw it away, donate it or keep it. Do this with every drawer, cabinet, room, etc. in your house! Throw away or donate anything you really do not need. Make sure to declutter your things on a regular basis to keep up all the work!


4. Give everything a home

Everything and everyone needs a home otherwise they get lost, right? This goes for all of your belongings. If you can make sure that there is a place for everything in your home you won't lose them and you will save so much time. Think about how many times you have been late to something because you couldn't remember where you put your car keys or those pair of shoes.

5. Label your things

I promise that this will be one of the best decisions you make! You can make labels yourself or buy some from many places. I get mine online at The Container Store because they have so many options and they look nice. Put labels on everything you can't see. I use labels mainly for boxes I stored in my garage, under my bed or in my closet. And I also use them for food containers in my pantry. No more struggling to figure out which box your christmas ornaments are in or where you put the kids' baby pictures.

There you have it, I hope that these 5 simple ways I keep my life organized will keep your's organizes as well!

Click below for your own list to check off as you get organized one step at a time.

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