Make Your Closet More Efficient in 15 Min Or Less

Make Your Closet More Efficient in 15 Min Or Less

Congratulations! You've made the first step to becoming a more organized, productive individual. You reached this part of the website because you've accepted the fact that organization is not one of your strengths and you are not alone. Organization is a struggle most people can relate to. In a lifetime, people spend a total of 3,680 hours or the equivalent of 153 days looking for forgotten property like phones, keys, and -- in many cases -- paperwork. Although these things are commonly lost, it doesn't make the search for them any easier. With the average home possessing over 300,000 items, it is easy to see how things can sometimes be misplaced.

Storage has been a growing challenge for American households today. For most women and couples alike, clothing storage is one of the biggest storage challenges with shoe organizers not far behind. A typical American woman has a complete outfit for each day of the month. This is significantly greater than the nine total outfits women possessed in 1930. For years, people have been using closet organizers, bookshelves and drawer carts to create diy closets in an attempt to become more organized. Unfortunately, these self-made, closet organizers do not always work.

After a while, disorganization can take its toll on the human form. According to a recent study by UCLA, physical clutter can overwhelm the body's senses, which increases stress levels and decreases the creative thought process. Having an easy to use closet organizer can help reduce the routine stress people often have when trying to prepare for the day ahead. With less to stress over, there is more time for the other things in life that need attention.

For those who need a little extra help getting organized, Origami Rack is here to service your needs. Taking in mind that our customers' time is of the most importance, our products can be assembled in as little as 20 seconds to 15 minutes. Setup requires a few to sometimes no tools at all. Built from reliable steel and quality finishing, our products are both practical and stylish all while perfectly fitting the theme of any space. Now that you've made the first step in becoming the efficient individual you've always wanted to be, feel secure knowing Origami Rack can help you get there.

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