Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Big

Ever find yourself wishing you had one of those beautiful, enormous and vibrant kitchens? Is your kitchen hard to cook in? Fear not, a small kitchen doesn’t always have to feel cramped. Just a few simple changes and your personal touch can transform even the tiniest of rooms into a lovely and comfortable place to cook.


In many cases a small kitchen can look dark in turn making it look even more cramped. For an immediate improvement, I recommend light! This is the secret to really making any room look bigger. Who wants to cook in a dark kitchen anyway?!

If you have curtains on your kitchen window, get rid of them! Nothing is better than natural light. You can also try to add pendants about your stove and library lights above shelves and cabinets to accentuate your dishes.


Pay Attention to Structure

This may be a no brainer but you would be surprised how many people never think of it. Pay attention to the way you kitchen is structured! If you have a small dining room corner, then fill it with a round table that will open up more floor space rather than a square table that seats less and takes up more space.


Choose White

White is my favorite color for all home décor purposes but I promise I am not biased! The color white visually opens up a small room as well as helps light reflect. If you aren’t a fan of the color, I suggest using a light pastel like color theme in order to avoid unnecessary visual tension and give your kitchen a more relaxing feel.



“Countertops are prime real estate for clutter, which instantly makes a place feel smaller,” Henderson says. “Make a point of getting rid of all your unused plastic containers and mismatched dinnerware every couple of months.


Organize and Store

 “Having trouble keeping your counter top organized? A great way to make more storage in your kitchen is by mounting a wall organization system like a utensil rail or building open shelving. The beauty behind these ideas is that you get to display your favorite trinkets and give your kitchen some personality.


Don’t just limit these five small space solutions to your kitchen, you can apply them to every room in your home!

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