The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Holidays

UGH! Dang it! I forgot to get me aunt a present and what the heck am I supposed to get my grandma?! Stressed isn't even a good enough word to describe what I am feeling right now! Can you agree?!

Wether it's for Christmas or Hanukkah, buying presents for your significant other, your father, your mother or your siblings is SO stressful! How do you pick the perfect gift, where do you go?

Let me help you out! First, I want to start by saying that most of the time I steer away from buying people clothes or shoes. Why? Because even though you know their size, you never know if it will actually fit correctly. Second, I always, always, always shop online. I find it less stressful, easier and less crowded. The best thing about holiday shopping is being able to say that you are done with it. I found some pretty awesome gift ideas so take a look below!



This layered necklace/choker is from my favorite store to shop at, Nordstrom! Layered necklaces are all the rage at the moment. Guilty little secret, I go this for myself just the other day! You can't go wrong with gifting a necklace because you can adjust it to fit your neck as tight or as loose as you want and what girl doesn't want a gorgeous necklace to spruce up their outfit?!

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You are probably wondering what in the world is this?! Well, it is called a Jade Facial Roller from Herbivore. Iv'e been lucky enough to have one of these for about a year now because my aunt is obsessed with all things skincare. This is probably the best investment I made all year (and my Hydro Flask). It is a Chinese skincare tool meant to tighten, de-puff and cool your face! This tool right here has changed my life, I use it every single morning and night. I roll it over the bags under my eyes for a minute or so and not only do I look a millions times better but I feel wide awake! At night, I used it all over my face to help my moisturizer and night serum absorb into my skin. Tip, I leave my roller in  the fridge at all times to increase circulation and to de-puff faster! My face is noticeably less puffy and I have less fine lines. This is a great gift for a man or woman really.

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It's safe to say that scarves are this time of year's best and favorite accessory! This one in particular is my favorite though. This scarf from Target is pretty great because you can also use it as a poncho. It is big and light weigh enough to fold it up into scarf or wear it open around your whole body. You really get the best of both worlds with this one and it's only $10.19. This is a steal!

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I saved the best for last! If you have never heard of a subscription box then you are probably living under a rock. A subscription box is a box of goods that you receive monthly and pay for on a monthly bases as well. There are subscriptions boxes for literally everything, dogs, skincare, makeup, hair, alcohol, vinyls. So if you know that your friend loves something in particular then simply look up a subscription box for it. I bet you will find one!


This box is called the Birchbox and it is my favorite one. I have tried quite a few but I have found that for the price and the quality products included in Birchbox, it is totally worth it. I actually think it is a steal. I am always shocked at the products that come in it. The cool things with subscription boxes is that you can cancel them anytime you want and order them anytime you want. There is no obligation! For example, if you feel like ordering a Birchbox just for the month of December then all you do is sign up and pay $10 for this month and then cancel the subscription for the next month. So easy, right?! And yes, you read that right, $10 a month for this box! Getting someone a subscription box as a present is one of the best all around gifts. I know I would love it, wouldn't you?

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Every working man needs some sort of bag to carry their belongings. This man purse, travel bag, briefcase, call it what you want, from Citizen Goods is a great gift! Men are obviously nothing like women, they don;t need a whole bunch of purse options like we do but they appreciate a nice "briefcase" to carry their things. Word of advice, never call it a man purse, my dad hates when I do that!  

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This present is for all the beer lovers out there. This is called a uKeg, made by GrowlerWerks in Portland, Oregon. I found this absolutely fascinating, it is a mini and portable keg! It keeps beer cold, carbonated and prevents oxidation. As soon as I read the reviews on it, I knew I had to buy it for my brother. Imagine the excitement your beer loving friend will have when he gets to use this uKeg and take it to get togethers.

Side note, I found this gem on a website called Bespoke Post and it is now my favorite website to buy presents for the men in my life. They have some bizarre, unique and awesome products that you would have never thought of buying! I really recommend checking it out. 

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You might not think of getting a guy skincare products, but yes, they also wash their faces ladies! This Kiehl's skincare package from Nordstrom is a really great gift to give. I use the under eye cream by Kiehl's and know first hand that their products are quality. out of the mouth of my father, "Men also care about their face and hair, I don't think you'll ever meet a guy who says, I love having ugly hair, pimples and wrinkles all over my face." 

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Once again, I saved the best for last! This is another subscription box except it is for men. This is a Bespoke Post box and their slogan is "themed boxes for guys who give a damn." Sounds cool huh? Well, it is! This subscription box is $45 a month (you can cancel it whenever you want) and has some awesome options to choose out of! The one above is the one I just bought my father for Christmas because he is big on cigars. The cool thing about this subscription is that unlike many others, you can pick out of a handful of boxes that you want to receive. Usually it is a surprise and one isn't quite sure if they will get products they don't care fore but for this subscription, there are no surprises. Checkout the website, i bet you will find something cool as a present. 

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There you have it, a gift guide for the men and women in your life. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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