Tips to Keep Your Linen Closet in Order

 Linens, those things that just pile up on top of each other eventually becoming a huge blob of cloths intertwined and unmatched. Yes, those are the linens I am talking about. I am here to help you with the chaos of linen organization. Below you can find a few guidelines to keeping your linen closet in order!

Bed Linens

If you’re wondering how many extra bed sets you need the answer is one! Let’s say you spill coffee all over your sheets, this is the time you use that extra set of linens and put the dirty ones in the wash. There is no need for more than one extra set if you take care of your sheets and wash them when they need it.


The way I see it, it’s nice to have extra towels since showering is an everyday thing. My rule is two towels per person in your household plus two more in case a guest is visiting.  If you are tight on storage one towel is certainly okay, it is not necessary to keep every old towel you’ve ever used.

Kitchen Towels/Dishcloths

I admit that I sometimes tend to save these until they are tattered.  Designate one kitchen drawer or section of a cabinet and make sure to get rid of old raggedy ones.


If you have an overflowing abundance of rags ask yourself; what for? Really, think about what you use these rags for then cut down! All linens somehow make their way down the chain into the rag group.

As for storage, a linen closet is ideal but I know not everyone has room to designate a closet entirely for linens. The key to keeping any linen designated space organized and looking good is folding! Check these links out for convenient ways to fold your linens. 


My favorite and the most underrated home product is a basket! If you’re tight on space, using a basket creates more structure and space. Consider hanging baskets or even a wine rack to create more storage.

 All this advice really boils down to your ability to say yes and no. Say yes to the things you need and say no to the things that aren’t necessary. Doing this will ensure that your space stays tidy and organized. If you need help just send me and email and I would be happy to suggest my favorite items for linen organization.

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