3 Tools You Need To Make Your Closet Look Clean

If you are like me and have been avoiding cleaning you closet for years, don’t worry! I am here to tell you the 5 extremely/no brainer tools that can instantly make your closet look more put together without doing too much work.


By far the most underrated organizing tool you can find laying around your house is a basket! The beauty of using a basket is that your closet instantly looks clean even if it really isn’t. I admit I have been guilty of finding myself in a time crunch and shoving all of my clothes in a basket, it’s convenient and easy. Instead of throwing about all those gift baskets, keep them for future use.



A super simple fix to making your closet look more put together is using same colored velvet hangers. Black, pink, gray, blue, it doesn’t matter as long as they all are the same color! If you have yet to do this, I promise it makes a huge difference. The random colored plastic hangers can make your closet look unnecessarily unorganized. The reason I say velvet hangers is because the velvet stops the clothes from sliding right off. No more worrying about finding those baggy crew necked shirts on the floor. You can find these hangers for an affordable price on Amazon! Easy, right?


Shoe Rack

This genius invention has to be one of my favorites. They may have originally been made for shoes but they are also perfect for storing belts, scarves, gloves, socks and pretty much anything else. Racks come in all shapes and designs but my favorite are the cubby kinds. You can either build this on your own for a fun DIY project or buy one for an affordable price on Amazon! 

There you have it, three simple tools to make your closet look clean. Now it’s time for easy organizing!