Clearance & Closeout

Clearance & Closeout

Time for You to make a great DEAL!

Clearance & Closeout

Are you ready to make a great deal? We need extra space in our Warehouse and you benefit from the best prices ever. Items in our "Clearance and Closeout" section are limited in quantity. Other than most companies, all items in this category are brand new - and yes: You will certainly benefit from all standard Origami "services" such as customer support, FREE shipping and the right to return the item.
Storage Solutions - Folding Closet System

Folding Closet System

Ready in less than a minute. The Heavy Duty Folding Closet is a classic space saving solution and a versatile closet space addition.

$89.99 $59.95

Origami’s Heavy Duty Folding Closet is a perfect storage solution if you are looking to... ..

Storage Solutions - Armario Closet A2

Armario Closet A2

Set up in 10 mins - this closet organizer let's you save time in the morning. With its ample storage space, the open style Armario Closet ensures your clothing and other daily necessities are well-organized.

$1,299.99 $509.75

Do you wish you could wake up in the morning, look at your closet and instantly... ..

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • Decorative Storage Solutions and Space-Saving Geniuses.
  • Chip-, scratch-, and corrosion resistant finishes on powder coated steel.
  • Carefully selected wooden shelves and surfaces.
  • A wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.
  • The Origami NTR – “No Tool Required” set-up in less than 3 minutes.
  • FREE Shipping

    Get it shipped for FREE. Seriously: It's on us for all of your orders of over $100.

  • We'll make it right.

    Don't love your new product? We'll work with you to make this happen, or we take it back.

  • Any Questions?

    Our Client-Happiness-Team will help you. Nothing is off limits. Call us: 1-855-300-1042 or email us