6-Shelf Deco Rack (Bookshelf)

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Staying organized never looked so good. Ready-to-go: As easy as 1-2-3! This open-styled 6-Shelf Organizer Rack - originally designed as bookshelf - is the perfect home for your impressive vinyl record collection, hardcover novels, work manuals, and antique store-finds.




You won’t believe it’s that easy!

Our friends at HSN had the 6-Shelf Deco Rack (Bookshelf) on a live presentation recently.

  • Check out a 1.5 min sneak peak of the show on this video.
  • Or the entire 17 min presentation here
  • You Will Love This Product Because:

    With its ability to occupy a small footprint and fold flat for storage, the 6-Shelf Foldable Deco Rack is a great option for extra vertical space in your office, dorm and play room. Originally designed as Bookshelf, and similar in design as the 6-Shelf Organizer Rack, this open-styled Deco Rack is the perfect home for your impressive vinyl record collection, hardcover novels, work manuals, and antique store-finds. {mobile_end_here}

    Conquer your home office or media room clutter in style. Small round holes in each of the shelves guarantee airflow, so you books or finals can "breath".

     The 6-Shelf Deco Rack is delivered to your door neatly folded and fully pre-assembled. No need to worry about finding someone to assemble this product:  Simply twist the feet on, unfold it, secure stability by locking the patented Origami connection clip, and swing the top shelf up and over. In less than 2 minutes your sturdy storage solution is ready to go!

    Match your personal style: the 6-Shelf Organizing Rack comes in white, bronze, black and pewter.

    Here’s What You Get:

    • 100% per-assembled, 6-Shelf Rack in your choice of color.
    • 1-year limited Origami warranty.
    • Direct access to Origami's Customer Service.

    Features You Will Love:

    • Utilizes the patented Origami Connection Clip to ensure stability.
    • Maximum weight capacity of 420 lbs.
    • Your powder-coated steel frame resists chipping, scratching and corrosion.

    Will It Fit In Your Space?

    Time to get out the measuring tape! Dimensions and capacity of the 6-Shelf Deco Rack (Bookshelf)

    Dimensions & Technical Specs
    Size Unfolded:
    Approx. 24” W x 10.6” D x 65” H
    Size Folded (for Storage):
    Approx. 3.9” W x 10.6” D x 65” H
    Approx. 32 lbs
    Requires 1 person and less than 2 minutes. No tools required.
    Weight capacity per shelf:
    Approx. 50 lbs.
    Item Series (SKU):
    Bronze: RB-02

    White: RB-03

    Black: RB-01

    Don’t just take our word for it!

    See Yourself Why The 6-Shelf Deco Rack (Bookshelf) Is So Different


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