3-Shelf Heavy Duty Rack - Protection Cover

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Need a protection cover for your rack that goes all the way around? Ever wish there was a polite yet easy way to stop prying eyes from inspecting all your belongings? {mobile_end_here} Well there is: The original Origami protection cover for the 3-Shelf Heavy Duty Storage Rack!

This durable, non-woven fabric cover is zipped so you don’t have to remove the whole cover if you are looking for something in particular. It will not only protect from prying eyes but will also keep your belongings protected and clean. No more worrying about your sports gear getting dusty or your tools getting rusted! Simply slip the cover over your 3-Shelf Heavy Duty Storage Rack and zip both zippers on each side. Let this “shell” help you to keep your organizational secrets under cover.

Pick from black or khaki to complete the look.

Will It Fit In Your Space?

Time to get out the measuring tape! Dimensions and capacity of the 3-Shelf Heavy Duty Rack - Protection Cover

Dimensions & Technical Specs
Overall Dimensionsr:
Approx. 29.3” W x 13.4” D x 35.9” H
Approx. 1.5 lbs
Requires 1 person and less than 1 minute. No tools required.

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See Yourself Why The 3-Shelf Heavy Duty Rack - Protection Cover Is So Different

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