4-Shelf Large (Heavy Duty) Rack - 2-Pack [Refurbished]

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2x Heavy Duty Racks that have been carefully inspected and refurbished. This 2-Pack unfolds in less than 20 seconds. The refurbished version comes in colors such as Pewter, Red, Blue, White, Black or vintage Bronze. The items are in a new-like condition and might have some minor scratches or dents, but are 100% functional.



You won’t believe it’s that easy!

Our friends at HSN had the Rack That Rocks on a live presentation recently.

  • Check out a 1.5 min sneak peak of the show on this video.
  • Or the entire 13 min presentation here
  • You Will Love This Product Because:

    100% functional - best price guaranteed. These items are refurbished, passed the Origami Quality control and are set up in your home in less than 40 seconds.

    Standing strong like a tree, this Steel Rack is designed to hold all your toolbox, heavy machinery, paint cans, wood-slates, or other items in your garage or workshop. This is a 2-Pack which gives you double the storage space.

    Having trouble finding enough space to store your stuff? The 4-Shelf Heavy Duty Storage Rack provides {mobile_end_here} accessible storage space and more. It’s a vertical storage master – fit for any room!

    As our customers “Best Pick” this famous 2-Pack of the Large 4-Shelf Rack holds up to 2000 pounds (1000 lbs. each). It is great for organizing games in the kids’ playroom, or storing heavy paint cans, decorations, and tools in the garage. Yes, it won’t chip easily and is built to avoid corrosion.

    You will find endless uses for it - just unfold the sturdy versatile shelf anywhere it’s needed. 


    This ultimate storage rack comes with 4 professional grade wheels each, making them easy to move or clean behind.  If you need extra space temporarily, just fold it back up and store it flat.

    The 2-Pack Refurbished 4-Shelf Large Rack (Heavy Duty Storage Rack) comes in color variations of black, white, Origami red, vintage bronze, pewter, (goes well alongside stainless steel appliances), blue, platinum, copper, teal, blush, coral, green, purple, orange and navy. As for all Original refurbished versions: We can’t guarantee which color combinations you’ll get - but we can guarantee that you’ll get the best price. Please keep in mind that some might have minor scratches or dents. The 2-Pack of the 4-Shelf Heavy Duty Rack (Refurbished) comes most likely in Black or Pewter but again, there is no guarantee. 

    Here’s What You Get:

    • 2x 100% pre-assembled item - folded flat for shipping.
    • We can't guarantee the color combinations - chances are you'll get 2 different versions.
    • 8 professional grade caster wheels with lock function.
    • 1-year limited Origami warranty.
    • Direct access to Origami's Customer Happiness-Team by phone or email.

    Features You Will Love:

    • Easy set up -simply unfold- NO TOOLS required.
    • Patented Origami Connection Clip to ensure stability.
    • Folds flat for easy storage under your bed or behind any door.
    • Each shelf easily holds 1000 pounds.
    • Your powder-coated steel frame resists chipping, scratching and corrosion.

    Will It Fit In Your Space?

    Time to get out the measuring tape! Dimensions and capacity of the 4-Shelf Large (Heavy Duty) Rack - 2-Pack [Refurbished]

    Dimensions & Technical Specs
    Size Unfolded:
    Approx. 35.8” W x 20.9” D x 60” H
    Size Folded (for Storage):
    Approx. 3.4” W x 20.9” D x 61.6” H
    Approx. 41 lbs
    Requires 1 person and less than 2 minutes. No tools required.
    Weight capacity per shelf:
    Approx. 250 lbs. (without wheels)
    Approx. 75 lbs. (wheels attached)
    Distance between shelves:
    Approx. 17.4”, 17.4”, 19” (bottom – top)
    Item Series (SKU):
    This Rack is part of the Origami R5-Series

    Don’t just take our word for it!

    See Yourself Why The 4-Shelf Large (Heavy Duty) Rack - 2-Pack [Refurbished] Is So Different


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