Origami Up2U: Height Adjustable Desk

Product Description

Origami’s “Up2U” Adjustable Desk basically helps you upgrade your life through a piece of furniture. It works in almost every home and setting it up couldn’t be easier: You need about 20 seconds to have this desk up and ready to use, once you open the box.

This workstation helps you work while sitting down or standing upright by adjusting the surface flawlessly with two fingers on each side. The surface gets as low as 32” inches and as high as 49” inches.

If you have limited space available, you will love this product, because if you are not using it, you can fold it away like an ironing board and store it behind any door, under your bed or in your closet in 3 easy steps. There are certainly no tools or special skills required to do so.

The Up2U ships in a small box and is already pre-assembled. The desk’s stylish steel-frame is built with a powder coated, chip-resistant, white finish. The workspace measures 10” inches in length x 36” inches in width, and comes with a European style wooden surface on top that hold upon to 40lb.

With the Origami Up2U Adjustable Desk, you will get a tool that gives you freedom, makes you happier and even more productive.




The Up2U At A Glance:

  • Sit down or stand upright while working as you like – height adjustable with just 2 fingers.
  • The Up2U promotes better posture and can reduce back- and neck pain.
  • Easy to set up in 3 easy steps – takes less than 20 seconds.
  • Fits in every household - flawlessly height adjustable from 32” – 49” inches
  • Stylish and durable design - powder coated, chip resistant, white finish with wooden surface on top.
  • Easy storage behind every door, under the bed or in the closet - folds away like an ironing board when not needed.

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