Armario Closet A2

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Set up in 10 mins - this closet organizer let's you save time in the morning. With its ample storage space, the open style Armario Closet ensures your clothing and other daily necessities are well-organized.




You Will Love This Product Because:

Do you wish you could wake up in the morning, look at your closet and instantly know what you’re going to wear and where it all is? With Origami’s Armario Closet A2, figuring out what outfit to wear in the morning without being a hot mess is right at your fingertips! No more {mobile_end_here} worrying about plowing through your piles of clothes that don’t have a space in your closet. This ultimate closet organizer is a fantastic solution to your clothing storage needs.

This free-standing closet (patented design) has 2 tiers to hang all your clothes and 14 wood shelves for other items like shoes, socks, under garments or hats. In addition to the shelving, 4 single baskets and 2 double baskets are included in case you want to place them on the shelves and add extra storage. A battery motion activated light emitting diode is also included with the closet.


Long gone are the days of rummaging through clothes to find the perfect shirt. Get the Armario Closet A2 and you’re morning routine will become an easy one.

Here’s What You Get:

  • A Free Standing, adjustable closet system (8ft to 6ft).
  • 2 Armario Tower Units.
  • 2 battery motion activated LED's.
  • 5 adjustable Support Bars - 2 adjustable Hang Rods.
  • 2 Tower Unit Hang Rods - 4 Single Baskets -2 Double Baskets.
  • 6 Wood Tower Shelves - 5 Top Shelves.

Features You Will Love:

  • Easy set up -simply unfold- Just 1 TOOL required (included).
  • Utilizes the patented Origami Connection Clip to ensure stability.
  • A Free Standing, adjustable closet system (8ft to 6ft).
  • Only 10 min set up time.
  • High quality steel with satin finish and wood laminate materials.

Will It Fit In Your Space?

Time to get out the measuring tape! Dimensions and capacity of the Armario Closet A2

Dimensions & Technical Specs
Size Unfolded:
Approx. 54.5” - 94.5” W x 20.5” D x 84.0” H
Approx. 207 pounds
One person can assemble in less than 10 mins - 1 tool required (included).
Item Series (SKU):
This Closet is part of the Origami Armario-Series

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