For Optimal Protection: The Origami Magnetic Shelf Liners

Magnetic shelf liners are a practical and versatile accessory made for the Origami R3 and R5 - two of our most popular shelving units!

These shelf liners are designed to fit perfectly on the wireframes, providing a stable and secure surface for storing various items and will keep your storage rack looking good for years.

Here, you will learn more about the benefits of having these on your shelves and why you should consider getting yourself a set for your Origami R3 or R5!

Damage Prevention

One of the main benefits of the Origami magnetic shelf liners is to serve as a protective layer for the wire shelves themselves. 

They help prevent scratches, dings, and other types of damage that can occur when placing items directly on the wire shelves, and over time, this can become unsightly to look at for many individuals.

Your storage rack is an investment that can last a lifetime, and these shelf liners will help its surface look as nice as possible as long as you use them.

Origami R5 Shelf Liners

Secure Your Goods In Place

Additionally, using these shelf liners can prevent items from slipping through the gaps in the wire shelves. 

This feature is handy when storing smaller and delicate items or objects with uneven bases and ones that need extra care. 

The liners create a barrier that keeps everything in one place and prevents items from shifting around, falling, or getting lost.

Origami R3 Shelf Liners

Simple Installation

Much like Origami’s other accessories for the R5 and R3 racks, in terms of convenience, these shelf liners are a breeze to install. They securely attach to the wire shelves using magnets, eliminating the need for adhesives, velcro, or zippers. 

With these, you also won’t have to cut off the perfect size for your shelves and try to get it all lined up just right. These are already designed to fit each shelf right out of the box perfectly.

The ease of getting them on also makes it easy to clean and maintain the liners, as you can simply remove them and wipe them down when necessary.

Origami Magnetic Shelf Liners

Preserve Your Shelves Today!

Origami magnetic shelf liners are loved by many because of the benefits they offer, and hopefully, these will encourage you to get some of your own if you’re a proud owner of an Origami R3 or R5 storage rack.

Simply head over to our add-ons page by clicking here, where you can find the perfect fit for your storage rack and many other amazingly useful accessories you can check out for yourself.

Whether it’s for protection or adding some additional storage options, there are ways to make your Origami rack suit your personal needs effortlessly, as always!

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