Naturally, we all have stuff, right? Where do you put yours? Think about these 4 words: anxious, helpless, overwhelmed, distracted. Obviously we know these feelings of stress that come with having an unorganized and cluttered home all too well. Now, imagine always knowing that the clutter in the laundry room or in your garage will be an easy fix in no-time.

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How to Say Goodbye To a Cluttered Home.

Because organizing can be simplified! Starting with the dream of helping you live an organized and stress-free life, “Origami Racks are for men and women who want 100% flexibility and a maximum of durability” on everything storage solution at home. Discover how easy it can be - inside and out.

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Now You Are About to Discover Easy to Set Up Vertical Storage Solutions for All Your Things at Home.

See yourself what other people are saying about Origami Racks:

Yes, it’s true. Simply Unfold the Rack, Attach the Wheels and You are Good to Go: in 20 Seconds.

Why are most racks and storage solutions such a pain to set up? Why are most of them not flexible at all, which makes it so hard to clean behind? What do you do with these bulky giants when you need extra space temporarily? We believe organizing your things at home should be easy.
With products that require absolutely no tools to set-up, arrive to your front door preassembled, and come with wheels to move them around whenever you like - Origami was created to do just that. We believe everyone needs a hobby - ours is getting organized and helping you, too.

Join The Challenge!

Your transformation to having an organized home and living a stress-free life (inside and outdoors) starts NOW.

  • Preassembled

    Goodbye stress and confusion. No manuals or tools needed. It is as easy and fast as 1-2-3 to “assemble”.

  • Ultra Sturdy

    You’ll have a rack that will hold all your belongings safely for a lifetime (up to 1000 lb).

  • Comes on Wheels

    You can easily move it around - anywhere you like without having to struggle.

  • Special Coated Finish

    Put it outside without having to worry about it chipping, scratching, or corroding.