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James Clifford

Simply Great - period!
Man, I have so many tools and heavy machinery. I certainly have most of them set up in my garage, but hey: space is getting limited. I decided to try one of these Heavy Duty racks and i have to say: These racks really rock! Even with heavy load of tools, tool-boxes and machinery you can still move them around like nothing. I just purchased my third one for all the wood planks in my shop. So happy I did that. Now, I’m thinking about setting one up in my truck to have it handy when I’m on a construction side. Thanks Origami - your stuff really works.

Eileen Hodge

Fantastic Solution!
I love my Origami Racks 💕and I have quite a collection of them. For my first one about 14 months ago I chose a navy one as it is a nice accent color to my kitchen. After setting it up - which took me about 30 seconds, I immediately bought more. Today, I use 2 of the black ones in my garage to store my husband’s heavy boxes and 3 more in our basement holding all my pottery. I love how easy it is to set up and how functional they are. The blue one in the kitchen holds my kitchen aid mixer, my deep fryer and supplies (flour, sugar, etc.). As these come on wheels, they are basically like a mobile pantry.