How To Cover Your R5 Storage Rack & Why You Should

Storage racks are a convenient solution for organizing your belongings. However, they can quickly accumulate dust and dirt, making your space look messier than it should. That's where the Origami R5 storage rack cover comes in. 

This accessory not only protects your rack and goods from dust and dirt but also provides a clean and aesthetically organized look to your storage area.

Simple Setup 

The Origami R5 Storage Rack Cover is designed for easy installation. You can effortlessly set it up without the need for any tools. Simply slip it over your R5 storage rack, and it's ready to use. It’s that easy!

Superior Protection

With a cover for your storage rack, you can shield your belongings from dust, dirt bunnies, mildew, and rust. The durable fabric acts as a barrier, keeping your items clean and well-protected, especially if you use your R5 in the garage or outside.

origami r5 cover

Easy Access

The R5 rack cover features a zipper that opens from the front, allowing you to easily see and access your stored items. Whether it's seasonal clothing, books, or household supplies, you can effortlessly locate and retrieve what you need. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

In addition to its practical benefits, our storage rack cover can add a touch of elegance to your storage space. Not only does it have a snug fit, but it also transforms your messy rack into a visually appealing and organized area. Say goodbye to unsightly clutter and hello to a neat and tidy storage solution.


Investing in a storage rack cover is a wise choice for anyone looking to enhance their storage experience. Ours at Origami is one of the best R5 accessories you can own and has an easy setup, protects your rack and items effectively, can be accessed effortlessly, and has an attractive design make it a valuable addition to any storage area. 

With these benefits, you can welcome a clean and organized space with the Origami R5 storage rack cover. Find yours here!

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