Kitchen Island Carts: The Perfect Cooking Companion

 The kitchen is an integral part of the home, and whether you enjoy cooking as a hobby or simply want the most freedom and control when preparing your daily meals, there are always ways to make the experience more enjoyable, and a kitchen island cart can do just that!

Read on further to learn why Origami’s kitchen island carts can be a game-changer for anyone who regularly cooks at home or is looking to get more in tune with their culinary skills.

folded kitchen island cart

Portable & Mobile

Origami currently offers two kitchen island carts for you to choose from - one with a wooden finish top supported with a powder-coated-steel frame, where you have a handful of colors to pick from to match your kitchen's aesthetics, and another that is stainless steel from top to bottom.

Origami’s kitchen island carts are preassembled, completely foldable, and easy to set up from the get-go and store away when you’re done using them.

Additionally, they also have wheels that make it effortless to move from your kitchen to other areas of your home, including your backyard, if you find yourself cooking outdoors from time to time.

Depending on which kitchen island cart you choose, it can weigh around 35 to 40 pounds, so having a set of reliable wheels will make transporting food and drink quick and trouble-free.

preassembled kitchen cart

More Space & Convenience

Anyone who spends enough time in the kitchen knows that your countertops can get cluttered while trying to prepare a dish - a kitchen island cart can help you free up a significant amount of space by allowing you to place your tools and ingredients on its top surface and any of its shelves.

Having all your stuff nearby and loaded onto your cart rather than digging through your pantry or kitchen drawers can make cooking more efficient and fun.

You can also use your Origami kitchen cart to store your side dishes when you’re done making them so that you can focus on the main course.

Furthermore, if you love having guests over, these can also be used as a wine cart and an easy way to serve drinks and snacks to your visitors.

stainless steel kitchen island cart

Easy To Clean

Not only are Origami’s foldable kitchen island carts fantastic for storing and moving around your ingredients, cooking tools, and entire dishes, many people love to use the top surface to prepare food on.

These carts stand at around 3 feet tall with wheels, so it’s easy to use a kitchen island cart as another workspace to quickly stir, chop, grate, or any food prep technique, and the compact nature of the cart and its surface makes it incredibly easy to clean up so you can use it next time.

It’s also worth noting that our fully stainless steel kitchen island carts are corrosion-resistant and can be stored outside!

So if you love barbecuing and grilling, why not take the countertop with you? This cart will let you do everything in one place and is effortless to keep nice and tidy, even outdoors.


Find A Cart Today

As mentioned earlier, all of the Origami kitchen island carts are entirely premade and foldable for your convenience, and finding the perfect one for you is even easier!

By checking out our cart collection by clicking here, you’ll be able to learn more about the best kitchen island carts, which will make a fine addition to your home.

If you’ve loved cooking already, you’ll find even more reasons to get excited with one of these, and even casual culinarians will appreciate the benefits that it can offer them and find more satisfaction in the kitchen with a moveable island cart by their side.

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