Memorial Day Weekend Sale On Open-Box Sit-To-Stand Desks!

Nothing beats having an ergonomic and flexible workspace, and if you’re searching for a way to make yours more dynamic, our Sit-To-Stand desks give you the freedom to create your own comfort and workflow.

Starting today, you can enjoy a great discount on all of our refurbished ones and add more flexibility to your work area - keep reading to learn more about how they can make a big difference in how you get things done each day!


In any workspace, ergonomics is crucial for improving comfort and productivity and preventing injury through better posture.

With the sit-to-stand desk, you get a reliable desk that conforms to you by allowing you to adjust its height exactly to your liking. The option to do this can be one of the most practical ways to improve your overall health.

Mobile & Portable

Not only are our sit-to-stand desks adaptable to you and how you prefer to work, but they’re also easy to adjust to where you want to work.

Between its lightweight and foldable design and the wheels that come included, it’s easy to switch your environment on the fly. Whether you prefer to work in the living room one day and your home office on another, it’s all possible with this desk.

Modern Aesthetics

When buying any piece of furniture, how it looks is often just as important as how it functions to a lot of people, and luckily, this desk brings a modern design that can suit any room and allow you to be productive in style in every possible area of your home! 

Additionally, while it can bring some extra flavor to your rooms, you can fold it up and put it aside if you prefer not to have your desk in the way.

Work Better, Live Better

Being able to feel as comfortable as possible while completing all of your tasks is essential for your productivity and overall well-being!

To create the most optimal and flexible work environment, just head over here to see all of our refurbished sit-to-stand desks that are ready to accommodate you and your work style at an amazing discount.

Lastly, be sure to see all of our other open-box items as well and take advantage of all of the savings you can find there on our most popular storage racks, including the Origami R3 and R5.

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