Outfit Any Room With The Origami R4!

The Origami R4 is one of our most versatile offerings due to its slim profile without compromising on storage space, and because of its standout features, it is a solid alternative to our R3 and R5 models!

Be sure to keep reading about this amazing storage solution and its highlights to see why this rack can find its place in just about any area of your home!

Superb Storage Capacity

Boasting a 4-shelf design, the Origami R4 has a key feature in common with our flagship R5; however, the R4 is significantly less bulky and can be more accommodating to different parts of your home where floor space might be tight.

While not as heavy-duty as the R5, the R4 is still extremely durable and can support up to 600 pounds without wheels and 300 pounds with them attached. That’s nothing to scoff at and perfect for most general use!

Sturdy Construction

In order to withstand the weight it can handle, the R4 is made from commercial-grade steel.

Furthermore, as a testament to its reliability, the coating on our steel is also resistant to chips, scratches, and other types of corrosion. This makes the R4 a good choice in places where it might get moved around often and be heavily used.

Mobility & Adjustability

Speaking of movement, our storage racks, including the R4, come with four professional-grade caster wheels for easy mobility and a smart-lock function for stability. This allows for effortless movement and repositioning of the rack as needed.

Additionally, like our other storage rack models, the R4 can be adjusted and folded up, making it incredibly portable and simple to maximize your space with no tools needed at all!

Grab Your R4 Today!

Whether you need a slim storage solution for your bathroom, bedroom, home office, or anywhere else, the Origami R4 is one of the most flexible options around!

To find out more about them, simply click here, and when you’re ready, enjoy a quick and easy checkout and start enjoying an R4 and all of its benefits.

While the R4 is a perfect mix of the R3 and R5, be sure to give those ones a look, as well as some of the other storage racks we offer in our collection. You can never go wrong with any Origami rack and the convenience they bring to homes everywhere!

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