Organizing Your Bedroom & Bathroom

Cut clutter on nightstands and bathroom countertops

Instead of accumulating a pile of magazines, books and remote controls on your nightstand, place a basket or small crate on the floor on each side or under the bed to hold these items. The same goes for your bathroom countertop! It is so easy to place a basket on the counter top to store all those toiletries or to place the basket in the cabinet underneath. This adds extra organization and and storage space.

Maximize closet space in your bedroom

Hang extra rods at waist height to create another storage tier, install closet racks and shelf dividers to keep stacks straight, and use shoe racks or cubbies to make the most of limited floor space. Also consider grouping clothes by kind.

Color coordinate and designate

This is the best tip my mother gave me! It holds everyone accountable for their mess and keeps the bathroom always looking organized. Assign a specific color towel to each person and make sure they have their own hook to hang it on. This will save lots of arguments about you left the towel on the floor! Expand this color-coded system to other items such as toothbrushes, combs and other toiletries. It also really helps to assign drawers, cabinets and bins to each family member that way everyone has responsibility for their own things.

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