Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning started as a way to clean away Winter's mess.  Back in the old days, homes were heated with fires and all the doors were kept shut to keep the warm air inside.  This led to grime and soot accumulating during the winter cold months.  Modern homes don't require fire anymore, but there are still some very important reasons to keep cleaning.

Find Lost Items
Spring Cleaning can help you find items that you have misplaced or completely forgotten about.
Increase Productivity
Organizing your home will clear out your space and allow you to focus on your tasks at hand.
Get Healthy
Spring Cleaning will help remove allergens, such as dust mites and house dust.
Be Happy
Studies have consistently shown that a clean home makes people happier. A sense of cleanliness gives people satisfaction which can alter their moods.

The Garage

The word "garage" comes from the French word "garer," which means "to shelter."  When it comes to spring cleaning, make sure you shelter your valuables by not putting the following items in the garage. 

1. Printed photos should never be stored in the garage; heat, cold and humidity will quickly ruin those cherished memories.

Tip: If you want to store a stack, make sure you separate the photos with acid-free sheets and store in a plastic sandwich bag. 

2. Consider storing your old clothing some place other than the garage. Clothes are prone to moth infestations.  Fur and leather also do not hold up well in damp areas.

Tip: Moths and silverfish can be attracted to smells left on the clothing.  Consider washing your clothes before storage and adding satchels that contain lavender or cedar.

The Closet

1. Anything you haven't worn in the past year

Tips: Turn your hangers.  Once you’re gone through your closet and weeded out the unused items, turn all hanging clothing with the hanger facing outward. After wearing an item, return it to the hanging rod with the hanger facing the back of the closet. After one year, all articles of clothing still facing outwards were not worn, and you can consider getting rid of them.

2. Things that don't fit

Tips: Staring at a dress or shirt 2 sizes  too small. Although it may motivate you to exercise, it causes strain on your mental health.  Give that item a new home by donating it someone who will wear and love it.

3. Try selling your clothes

Tips: If you feel guilty about getting rid of clothes, you might find some satisfaction in selling your clothes.  There are hundreds of ways to sell your used clothes and you will happier at the end of they day knowing that you have a little extra cash in your pocket.

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