The Best Places To Use An Origami R5 Corner Rack

The Origami R5 corner rack is not only highly durable and possesses a high storage capacity like the original R5 storage rack, but by design, it helps you maximize the space in any given area!

Discover the versatility of our R5 corner racks as we share our top recommendations for their use in various areas of your home, helping you to organize more efficiently and confidently.

1. Garages

Between storing vehicles and countless other items, garages can be part of the home that gets cramped and cluttered very easily. Their limited size can also contribute to this common issue as well!

By tucking one of these in the corner and potentially attaching it with one of our original R5s along the wall, you will have ample space for all of your important belongings, including equipment, cleaning supplies, seasonal items, and much more!

2. Laundry Rooms

While many of you have your washer and dryers in the garage, which can essentially double up as a laundry room, there are many homes that have a dedicated one, too. 

Those with a separate laundry room will certainly benefit from having an R5 corner rack because it can give you a place to keep your detergents, fabric softeners, and bleach at a reachable distance and can even give you more surface to fold and sort clothes.

3. Home Offices

For those working from home, the Origami R5 Storage Rack is excellent for storing office supplies such as paper, pens, folders, documents, and peripherals like printers. It also serves as a storage solution for inventory if goods are being sold from home!

Having one of these conveniently nearby will keep your main workspace clutter-free, allowing you to increase your productivity and work more efficiently each day.

4. Outdoor Patios

Because of their corrosion-resistant powdered steel frame, our R5 corner racks can be used outside and are a popular choice for backyard patios.

These racks can give you a way to easily access gardening supplies, equipment, and even toys so that your outdoor space always looks neatly organized just like the interior of your home.

5. Basements

Like laundry rooms, not every home has a basement, but those who are fortunate to have one know that it can be an excellent place to store miscellaneous items, much like garages can.

Despite being an area where you can keep your stuff “out-of-sight, out-of-mind,” it’s highly recommended you still stay on top of being organized, and our R5s can assist you every step of the way in keeping your basement tidy.

Take Advantage Of Every Corner!

Many people don’t realize the value of the corners in their room and how much space they’re leaving on the table, but with our R5 corner racks, you can begin to use them to their fullest and make your room feel more free and open.

To learn more about our R5 corner racks, including specifications, just click here for more information and enjoy a quick and seamless checkout process.

Between the regular R5 and the corner rack, you can have all of your storage needs covered, so be sure to check out the Origami R5 as well, which can find its way into even more parts of your home!

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