The Origami Foldout Desk: Functionality & Style In One Place

A desk is one of the most widely used pieces of furniture at home, and having one that’s reliable will always give you the confidence you can get anything done while working at it!

Origami’s foldable desk is not only one of the most sturdy ones, but it’s also effortless to work with. Here, we will show you why this can be an amazing addition to your workspace or be an excellent replacement for your old desk if you’re in the market for a new one that you can count on.

Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up furniture can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the Origami foldout desk, you can bid farewell to complicated assembly processes. 

This desk comes 100% pre-assembled, meaning you don't need any tools or spend hours deciphering confusing instructions. Simply unfold it, and you're ready to start using it before you know it!

Exceptional Durability

Durability is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a desk, as you want it to withstand regular use and last for years to come. 

The Origami foldout desk is built with a solid steel frame and chip-resistant wood, ensuring its durability and stability. Being able to support up to 100 pounds, you can rest assured that this desk can handle the weight of multiple monitors, laptops, and other equipment without any issues.

Lightweight & Easy to Transport

Weighing under 40 pounds, our desks are amongst the most lightweight ones without compromising on the amount of items they can support.

The Origami desk is a breeze to carry from one room to another or even take with you when you're on the go since these can fit in the vast majority of vehicles. Essentially, anywhere can be your workspace, so say goodbye to bulky and heavy desks that are a hassle to move.


Ample Workspace

Arguably, the most important aspect of any desk is having enough space to work comfortably, which is essential for productivity. and measuring 47.5" W x 23.75" D x 30" H when fully unfolded, you get plenty of space for your essentials and can keep them organized.

With this generous surface area, you can easily accommodate two monitors and a laptop, providing you with the most productive workspace possible. Additionally, the desk features a convenient bottom rack that allows you to keep your goods within easy reach, including desktop computer towers and printers.


In addition to its functionality, the Origami foldout desk boasts a streamlined design and will surely add a modern touch to any room that you choose to use it in.

We currently offer a sleek black model and a brown one for those who appreciate the appearance of natural finish and want to add some warmth to their space. Either way, either can complement any room you choose to use yours!

Ready To Upgrade Your Desk?

Our foldout desks are hard to beat when it comes to finding a desk that combines unbeatable functionality with a great look.

To get a desk that you can depend on, just head on over here, where you can experience a quick and easy checkout and also find additional information.

These desks are ones you can always depend on for everyday use and even more, so find your perfect color, unfold, and enjoy right away.

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