The Origami R1: The Best Stackable Storage Solution

In the quest to optimize space in any room, a fitting storage rack can always makes a world of a difference. Here, we have a multifaceted one designed to revolutionize your home organization - check it out and see for yourself!

Customizable Stacking Capability 

The standout feature of the Origami R1 lies in its stackable design, providing unparalleled flexibility. While other racks in the Origami collection offer ample storage space, the R1 empowers users with complete control over the vertical arrangement. 

Sold in convenient packs of two, the built-in interlocking technology enables seamless assembly without the need for tools. Expand your storage vertically by effortlessly adding more R1 units to your collection, offering a truly customizable storage experience.

Maximize Your Space

The R1's design optimally utilizes space by leaving the bottom area open, allowing for the storage of large boxes and containers. 

This innovative approach not only maximizes floor space but also facilitates easy relocation. The ability to clear the shelves, fold, and transport the R1 with ease adds to its practicality.



Uncompromising Durability

Despite its slender profile, the Origami R1 boasts exceptional durability, capable of supporting substantial weight.

Each shelf can accommodate up to 150 pounds, ensuring a secure storage space for both lightweight and heavy-duty items.



Discover Your Perfect Storage Options

Versatility is at the core of the Origami R1, making it a seamless fit for any room in your home, be it the bedroom, home office, kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Available in a range of colors to complement any interior aesthetic, the R1 is one of the most versatile of its kind.

Now that you know about the R1, feel free to explore the extensive range of Origami storage solutions as well, including the flagship R5 model, kitchen island carts, desks, and more, to discover the perfect organizational tools for every area of your home.

With a quick and simple checkout process, you’ll be able to get everything sorted out in no time at all!

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