The Origami Shoe Flower: An Innovative Way to Organize Shoes

If you love shoes and own multiple pairs around the house, having a way to organize them to keep both your shoes and home looking nice is essential!

Luckily, Origami is proud to announce a simple, practical, and innovative solution to storing your footwear neatly in one place that’s easy to access. This article will cover everything you can look forward to with the new Origami Shoe Flower if you’re in need of a place to keep your shoes close and display them elegantly.

Origami Shoe Flower

Shoe Storage That Respects Your Space

A lot of people who own many shoes or live in a household with different individuals may find themselves struggling to find the space to keep their various footwear in a spot that doesn’t take away from the valuable area in their homes.

Although your typical shoe racks can undoubtedly get the job done, they tend to be wider, leaving less room for other belongings you want to store, or they’re simply too bulky for your liking. 

For example, if you remove your shoes before entering your home, a wide shoe rack can make your entryway feel more crowded. Closets are another common place where people like to keep their shoe racks, but as many of you might know, there can be limited space to work with.

Unlike those bulkier shoe racks, the Origami Shoe Flower is just 20 inches wide and can fit in most closets! If you need additional storage, however, why not just go taller? Keep reading to learn how you can get more out of your shoe flower.

Origami Expandable Shoe Storage

Expandable To Your Needs

At the most basic level, the Origami Shoe Flower can support up to 12 pairs of shoes or 6 per layer. While this is certainly adequate for many people, there are countless individuals who are looking for something more.

One of the best features of this shoe organizer is its ability to stack up to six layers - this means if you need more room, you can purchase additional shoe flowers and stack them vertically.

The ability to stack upward, rather than buying more traditionally wide shoe racks, which can take up precious space, allows the Origami Shoe Flower to stay compact compared to the alternative shoe storage solutions.

Depending on your shoe storage needs, you can safely have up to 24 pairs in one cohesive unit! So, instead of having more than one rack that might not fit where you want them to, this shoe flower should definitely be convenient for you.


Origami Shoe Rack

A Seamless Rotating Design

While still on the topic of convenience, another feature that makes the Origami Shoe Flower stand out from the rest is that it can rotate around its post.

The ability to spin each layer of the shoe flower lets you quickly find the perfect shoe on a whim, and it’s simply fun to use! No longer are the days of needing to sift around to retrieve exactly what you’re looking for, as they’ll be beautifully organized for your enjoyment.

To prevent your shoes from falling over while rotating a tier of your shoe flower, they can be secured with the shoe straps that come included with your unit. Simply put them through the elastic loop, and you’re ready to go!

Overall, the Origami Shoe Flower is highly durable and is made of 90% steel and 10% plastic, which means that it’s built to last being used as intended and will be a shoe rack you can truly count on.

Looking For A New Way To Organize Your Shoes?

No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, the Origami Shoe Flower accommodates anyone’s needs, including the space it uses in your home.

Whether you prefer to store them in your closet or display your shoes elsewhere where they’re most convenient for you, these are the perfect way to proudly do so, as these will look fantastic anywhere you choose to set them up.

Speaking of which, these are effortless to put together, and you’ll have all the shoes you need there in no time!

To find more information about our new Origami Shoe Flowers, including how to purchase your own today, click the link here to learn more, and hopefully, you’ll find this one of the finest additions to your home.

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