These 5 Origami Kitchen Goods Will Make Cooking Easy!

Having the right tools handy can simplify your culinary experience, and with summer here and the 4th of July right around the corner, many of you will have guests to take care of soon and preparing can be overwhelming!

From prepping food to helping you be a better host this summer, Origami offers ways to make your time in the kitchen much more efficient and enjoyable. Read more about them below!

RPR Series Pantry Rack

While many people are blessed with a pantry room in their home, you don’t need one to take advantage of our RPR series pantry racks!

Our 5-shelf pantry racks not only provide ample storage for all of your kitchen essentials, but it’s also lightweight, foldable, and come with wheels! These features allow it to be super mobile and convenient, letting you get anything you need on the fly!

Origami Pantry Racks

Pullout Drawer & Cabinet Organizer

Digging through cabinets and drawers to find exactly what you need, such as pots and pans, can be very frustrating, but our pull-out organizers can definitely alleviate this common problem.

These are totally adjustable and are made to accommodate most cabinets in your home, so they can be a valuable asset when organizing your kitchen. They are also amazing for bathrooms!

Origami Pullout Cabinet Organizer

Foldout Kitchen Island Cart

If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen assistant to be by your side, then look no further than our foldable kitchen island carts.

One of these will give you some extra countertop space for prepping food and keeping ingredients aside and can also be handy to have when serving beverages and snacks to anyone you have over.

Origami Kitchen Island Carts

Over-The-Door 6-Tier Hanging Rack

While our pantry racks can make a fantastic addition to any kitchen, not everyone has space, especially those with smaller kitchens.

However, an excellent alternative that you can simply hang from your door is our hanging racks, which will give you additional storage for your essential items without taking up any floor space.

Origami Over-The-Door Racks

Origami R1

Lastly, the Origami R1 can find its way into your kitchen due to its quick and easy setup and stack-ability. These come in packs of two, so you can start organizing in no time at all!

Due to its versatility, Origami R1s are great for any room and are compact enough to fit into closets. So, whether you’re looking for a more permanent rack in your kitchen or you simply want a multipurpose rack you can fold and use anywhere, the R1 will always get the job done.

Origami R1 Storage Rack

Step Up Your Culinary Game Today!

Life’s so much easier when everything’s organized and hopefully, our recommendations here can make your time in the kitchen a blast.

To learn more about our products, just click here to see the Origami catalog and find other goods that can make organizing your home effortless.

Origami is committed to making the process of organization as easy as possible with our foldable designs, quick setups, and other useful features that you’ll love. So, be sure to see what else we can bring to the table!

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