The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.

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    • Unfolds in under 20 seconds - 100% Pre-Assembled with no tools, assembly, or significant time required!

    • Folds flat for easy storage and portability; minimal space required to easily store in your garage, closet, under your bed, or behind the door

    • Made of heavy-duty commercial grade powder-coated steel; included items: Origami 6-Shelf Bookcase (wheels are not included for this item)

    • Holds up to 600 pounds without wheels (100lbs/shelf)

    • Overall Dimensions: 24'' W x 11'' D x 65'' H

    • Weight Capacity with leveling feet: 50 lb per shelf, 300 lbs total

    • Weight Capacity without leveling feet: 70 lb per shelf, 420 lbs total

Patented Origami Bookcase 6-Shelf RB Series

The 6-Shelf Bookcase is delivered to your door neatly folded and fully assembled. No need to worry about finding someone to install this product: Simply twist the feet on, unfold it, secure stability by locking the Origami connection clip, and swing the top shelf up and over. In less than 2 minutes your sturdy storage solution is ready to go!

Overall Dimensions: 24" W x 11" D x 65" H
• Folded Dimensions: 11" W x 4" D x 65" H
• Product Weight: Approx. 27 lbs
• Weight Capacity per Shelf: Approx. 100 lbs. (without wheels); 600 lbs total

*All dimensions have been rounded to the nearest 1/4 inch. Please allow some margin of discrepancy.

Shipment Processing Time: All orders are processed within 2-3 business days.  Orders are not shipped on weekends or holidays. 

Shipping Rates & Delivery Estimates: Our preferred method is Fedex Ground.

The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.
The RB - Foldable 6-Tier Perforated Rack. Tall/Slim Model.

Customer Reviews

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Angela Vitale
Love these shelves, but never found wheels for them

Question first, compliments to follow: does anyone know what wheels would work with this bookshelf? I’ve seen this shelf advertised with wheels for at least a decade, but they don’t come with them, and I’ve never seen Origami explicitly state any wheels that work with these shelves. Even though they refer to wheels in general, I can’t find any mention of what specific wheels will work. So, please, anyone know anything?

I’ve been a huge fan of everything Origami since I bought a white R5 mega rack in 2014. I had to move 3000 miles away a few years later and really couldn’t take any furniture with me, but I was able to sell it for almost what I originally paid. It wasn’t just because Origami has always been hard pressed to keep up with the demand, it’s because once you have owned one, that’s it, the quality is amazing and your addicted for life. Or at least until something even more convenient, sturdier and attractive comes along. Still waiting for that particular trifecta. I have an R5 again and use it for my stereo equipment and books, and plants, and a little storage. Crazy useful for one set of shelves.

Now for these shelves. Right now I have a white bookshelf against a really gorgeous dark purple accent wall left by prior tenants of my apartment. And with books and plants, these shelves look amazing. Much better than wire shelves should look. I’ve always had to purchase these awesome bookshelves on Amazon or QVC. Honestly, as much as I will snicker at QVC, they had pretty good customer service and I wasn’t left hanging by the Origami folks, or lack thereof. The prices I’m seeing on this site are so reasonable that I would expect a shoe would drop, and from what I have read it is definitely with the complete lack of customer service. So, be glad these items are made so well. Never tried the tall kitchen shelf though. It looks kinda flimsy, and only can handle 100lbs total. Yeah, it has wheels but I don’t know, just something about it I don’t like. But that’s just my problem. If you love your kitchen shelves good for you! And of course, you have wheels and I don’t. So perhaps I’m just petty and jealous 😫😫😠😠😤😤

Good Deal

These shelves are so much better than the open wire shelves.
They provide a sturdier surface and are easy to place on the racks.

Erika Feaster
Happy but sad

I really love origami racks. My mother purchased one before she passed and I kept all this time. I thought I would add to my collection but I received it damaged. I didn’t want to return them. I only wanted the wheels to a two part fixtures. When call the help line they are not being helpful at all. I scared to order any more because no one wants to help me to get wheels to my shelves. No one has reached out to me. I have to keep contacting them. They even sent me a return merchandise email which I told many agents I didn’t want to return the units. Again I’m happy with shelves but sad the boxes didn’t have the wheels to a two parts shelving units. I want email might not go nowhere but I thought if you going to possibly lose a customer. You might wanted to know.

Liz B
Pretty good

I find the bookshelf, a lot less stable in the R5, but it’s still a really nice bookshelf


Wonderful easy shelf’s to assemble and use. I placed the small cube storage bins throughout it! Love it!!!

Origami Rack

Made Easy.
Built To Last.

Set up in less than a minute--straight out of the box.

Easy Set Up Latch

1. Hook It Over

2. Press Latch Down

3. Locked

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