3 Easy Tips For Decluttering Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, and because of this, alongside the various items that can get used and stored in it, they can quickly become cluttered if you don’t actively keep up with keeping them clean and organized.

Here, you will learn some simple tips on how to keep your bathroom spotless, as well as find some solutions that can help you achieve that regularly.

Origami R3 Racks

1. Start With The Countertops

The countertops in your bathroom are a convenient way to grab what you need each day, such as soaps, hair care products, cosmetics, dental hygiene needs, and washcloths and towels, to name a handful of things.

While it’s a nice place to keep everything in one spot, items can accumulate over time and get in the way!

In order to keep things organized and allow you to make it easier to wipe down the countertop, either find some sort of box, container, or rack that makes it easier to find what you need but also move out of the way.

Another solution is to add shelving! Ideally, you’ll want something compact enough for bathrooms, like the foldable and preassembled Origami R3, which consists of two shelves where you can store bottles, towels, and anything that may be taking up valuable space on your counter.

Origami Pullout Shelves

2. Sort Your Cabinets & Drawers

Some other typical places that can get cluttered in the bathroom are the various cabinets and drawers.

This is because it’s normal just to take things out and toss them back wherever after you’re done using them. 

Unfortunately, this can cause stuff to pile up or get pushed to the back, and not only does this make it more difficult to find what you need, but sometimes you might even forget about things that were in there, including old items.

One way to make organizing your bathroom easier is to try our Origami pullout organizer that’s adjustable and can accommodate most cabinets. So instead of digging through them to search for something, you can simply pull it out, effectively functioning as a drawer. These sliding drawers are also fantastic in the kitchen too!

Origami R3 Storage Cubes

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Throw Things Away

Lastly, naturally one of the best ways to reduce clutter in your bathroom is to toss out everything that you don’t need.

When doing this ask yourself questions such as “Do I still use this?” “Is this expired?” or “Do I have too much of this?” You might think you might use some of these things down the line, but more often than not, they’re just taking up real estate in your bathroom and will continue to do so.

Clearing out your bathroom of old or unused items is easy - just get some trash bags and bins, and you can dispose of them fast.

However, if you’re absolutely unsure right now, you can always set them aside in a box or container and store them on your R3 storage rack so they’re at least out of the way. Our storage cubes are an excellent option and can be purchased in packs of two if you need a reliable storage option for anything down the line.

Let’s Get Your Bathroom Organized Today!

Your bathroom is something that is used every single day and should be a place that always makes you feel refreshed.

A messy and disorganized bathroom can prevent that, but luckily, it’s not challenging to fix this, mainly if you focus on these three essential tips.

By implementing this advice, including checking out some of our recommended products, which you can find more info here, your bathroom will feel like a sanctuary and a place you can always find comfort.

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