3 Origami Racks That Will Keep Your Garage Organized

The garage is one of those places that can quickly become cluttered and disorganized with all kinds of belongings, especially if we can’t find a place for them in the rest of the home! 

However, with Origami racks, getting your garage sorted out and looking spotless again doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Highly durable, simple to set up, and easy to maneuver, these storage racks will make organization effortless, and here, we’ll show you three of our best ones that will definitely get the job done.

Origami R3 Series Rack

The Origami R3 is one of our best-selling storage racks due to its compact size and can be useful anywhere around your home, but these definitely excel in laundry rooms and garages, which often share the same small space in many residences.

This foldable three-shelf rack is perfect for storing containers, buckets, cleaning supplies, and other goods you want to keep handy and near-reach. With its wheels included, it’s also super easy to move this back and forth from different places in your home. 

For example, if you have a lot of laundry to do, you can fit multiple bins on this and get everything done in a trip or two.

Furthermore, the powdered-coated steel helps this rack be resistant to corrosion and ordinary damage. Garages can vary significantly in humidity and temperature, and less-durable racks can easily become scratched and chipped with use, but Origami racks like the R3 will not only serve your storage needs but are built to last.

Origami R3

Origami R5 Series Rack

Next up, we have our flagship model, the R5! This four-shelf rack is currently the largest one we offer, and it’s size and heavy-duty capabilities make this the best storage solution for garages.

The Origami R5 has a lot in common with its R3 sibling, but it’s much more robust and suitable for large boxes, tools, equipment, and countless other items that you can fit on its shelf.

Without wheels, this rack can hold up to 250 pounds per shelf! However, many people love mobility and will take advantage of using the wheels - those that do will be able to get 75 pounds per shelf, which is still sufficient for many, but it depends on how you want to use your R5.

Some prefer to keep their storage rack stationary, whereas others want the ability to move it around at will, and the R5, despite its size, gives you all the flexibility you need to organize your garage the way you want.

Origami R5

Origami R5 Corner Rack

Finally, we have a special kind of R5 that people who are looking to optimize their entire space in their garage - the corner rack.

This storage rack combines the size and sturdiness of the original R5 we just shared while also using the corners in your garage. Corners, in particular, can sometimes get ignored because it’s not easy to find something that fits just right.

One of the best parts is that these corner racks can align perfectly with the other R5, allowing you to combine them together to make one much larger unit that can handle anything you need to store in one place.

However, it’s important to point out that these aren’t foldable and preassembled like the previous two racks, but it’s still easy to get set up without any tools whatsoever!

Origami R5 Series Corner Racks

Find Your Origami Rack Today!

Origami prides itself on offering easy yet highly effective storage solutions no matter where you need them, and that includes your garage!

To find more info on each of these racks, such as dimensions and color options, and purchase some of your own, click here to see our entire storage rack collection.

With Origami racks, organization is meant to be as stress-free as possible, so pick yourself up some of the best around and enjoy the benefits they offer. Be sure to check out our accessories too - here, you can find many add-ons that can offer additional storage and even protect your rack, allowing you to get the most from yours!

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