Accessorize Your Origami R3 Rack With These Add-Ons

Being so compact and versatile, the Origami R3 is one of the most popular storage racks around, but if you’re looking to get a bit more out of yours, there are some additions you can make and expand on it.

This article will show you the Origami R3 accessories you need to expand and customize it and maximize its storage potential.

Bridge Connectors

Many people own more than one Origami R3 rack because of its excellent utility, and if you’re an owner of a couple of R3 racks or plan to get them soon, the bridge connectors explicitly designed for the R3 can give you even more shelving!

By attaching the bridge connectors between two R3s, you receive two more shelves and even more stability, which is perfect for those who need extra space and like to keep their Origami rack in one place.

Origami R3 Bridge Connectors

Hanging Baskets

Another way to get more storage space from your R3 is to add a couple of hanging baskets that will fit seamlessly on its shelves.

These little baskets can support up to 25 pounds of your favorite small items and can be pulled in and out to keep them out of the way when they’re not in use. If you happen to own other Origami products, such as the R5 or foldout desk, these are also compatible with them, so get yourself a pair or as many as you need!

Origami R3 Hanging Baskets

Magnetic Shelf Liners

While shelf liners aren’t something that will provide extra space like the previous two accessories, having some of these will help preserve the quality of your R3 rack by preventing scuffs, scratches, and stains.

The Origami magnetic ones are the best shelf liners around because they are perfectly fitted for your R3 and won’t slip around like generic ones, giving you the peace of mind that your R3 will always look great. These come as a set of three, so you can protect each shelf.

Origami R3 Magnetic Shelf Liners

Storage Cubes

Lastly, the Origami storage cubes are essential for R3 if you require a box or container that fits just right on its shelves. 

While your existing storage solutions will probably get the job done, the Origami R3 storage cubes are made to help you take advantage of all of the space that you have on your shelves. You can purchase these in packs of two, both of which will be perfect on one shelf, or you can have one on each, leaving you room for other items!

Origami R3 Storage Cubes

Pick Up Some R3 Accessories Today!

Expanding your R3 is easy with these accessories, and hopefully, you’ll find some here that are exactly what you’re looking for. Whether for extra storage space or simply to protect it, these will do just that!

To find the best storage rack accessories for you, visit our catalog of add-ons here to purchase what you need and find additional information about each one. 

However, if you don’t have an Origami R3 yet, click here to learn why it can be a fantastic addition to your home. By getting your very own R3 and knowing what accessories are available to you, you can enjoy everything it has to offer right from the get-go.

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