Get Organized This Summer With Our Top Storage Racks

Summer is just around the corner, and many are looking for ways to declutter and organize their living spaces during arguably the best season of the year.

Luckily, Origami racks offer a convenient and stylish solution for organizing goods, and you can get the fun started this summer season by clicking the link below and seeing our best selections for storing anything around your home!

Origami R5 Rack

The Origami R5 is our flagship storage rack that is renowned for its durability, storage capabilities, and ease of use due to its foldable design and mobility!

With its four large shelves and ability to support up to 1,000 pounds, if you have a hefty amount of items that need to be organized, you can always count on the R5 to get the job done, especially for those bigger and heavier goods.

Origami R3 Rack

Next up, we have the sibling to the Origami R5, the R3! The Origami R3 is a more compact, three-shelf version of the R5 that you can practically use anywhere in your home due to its smaller size.

However, the R3 doesn’t let up on durability and capacity and can handle up to 750 pounds, or 250 per shelf, and because of this and its size, the Origami R3 is an extremely versatile solution that can make its way in more enclosed areas, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and closets.

Origami R5 Corner Rack

Returning to the R5, we have a way to help you take advantage of every corner with a rack that's made to fit within them! Being able to attach to the original R5 as well as a standalone unit, the R5 corner rack is ideal for places such as garages and sheds where space might be tight, but you have a lot of stuff that needs to get sorted out!

With its corrosion-resistant power-coated steel, which you can also find on the previous racks, it’s also excellent for outdoor use and can be the perfect asset for storing toys and gardening equipment, which could get heavy use this summer!

Origami RB Series 6-Tier Book Shelf

Book lovers and avid readers will appreciate the functionality and elegance of our RB series bookcases which offer ample space for organizing and displaying books, photo frames, and decorative items. 

If you’re looking to brighten up and bring life to your bedroom, living room, or home office, these can be an amazing addition to any room and are also a slim option for storing some of your lighter goods.

Origami RPR Series Pantry Rack

Many people spend a lot of time indoors staying cool during the summer, and one common pastime people have is cooking! With a slim, space-saving design, this pantry rack offers an excellent way to store and access various kitchen essentials, like ingredients and tools, making meal prep more efficient. 

Those who plan on preparing meals for a lot of guests this summer will surely appreciate having one of these pantry racks as a companion so you can focus on savoring the flavors of summer without the added stress of a cluttered and disorganized kitchen.

Easily Sort Out Your Home This Summer!

Origami racks are always an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their living space this summer, and with a variety of designs and styles to choose from, there's one that will suit every organizational need!

To learn more about these and see some of our other offerings, check out our entire catalog here where you can find more racks, kitchen island carts, desks, and more!

With their effortless setup and foldable designs, Origami racks will bring a ton of convenience and practicality as well as aesthetics that can transform any space into a more organized and inviting environment.

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