Improve Your Origami R3 By Using These Amazing Add-Ons!

The Origami R3 is one of our best-selling storage racks and is renowned for its versatility, reliability, and ease of use. If you’re a proud owner of one already, you know how useful it can be anywhere you need a dependable storage solution!

However, there are a handful of ways to help you get more out of your R3 rack, and by reading further, you can find some highly useful and practical accessories that can take your R3 to the next level.

Hanging Metal Basket Set (2-Pack)

Our hanging baskets are an easy way to maximize the storage space that your R3 can provide! These will fasten effortlessly onto the shelves of your R3, offering a convenient place to store small items while keeping the main shelves free for larger belongings.

If you have other Origami racks or desks, these baskets are compatible with most of them, so pick up a few and get more storage capability out of your Origami goods!

Bridge Connectors (2-Pack)

Another way to transform your storage capabilities is by connecting multiple Origami R3 units with our bridge connector! 

If you own more than one R3 and you like to keep them near each other, this accessory allows you to create a larger, more stable shelving solution by joining them, providing extra space and stability for your storage needs.

Custom Storage Cubes (2-Pack)

Tailor your R3 with custom storage cubes that perfectly fit the dimensions of your rack.

These cubes are designed to maximize your shelf space, allowing for efficient organization of various items on your Origami R3. Don’t let any space go to waste by having some of these!

Magnetic Shelf Liners (3-Pack)

Origami R3s are highly durable and built to last, but to preserve the quality and appearance of your R3, magnetic shelf liners are an essential accessory. 

These liners are designed to fit perfectly on each shelf and are made to stay in place and not shift around. They also come in packs of three so that your entire R3 is safeguarded from scuffs, scratches, and stains.

Personalize Your Storage Experience!

Whether you aim to increase storage capacity, improve accessibility, or safeguard the rack from wear and tear, these accessories are designed to elevate the functionality and adaptability of your Origami R3!

By checking out these accessory options by clicking the link here, you can tailor your Origami R3 rack to suit your organizational needs, creating an efficient and well-organized space anywhere in your home.

Lastly, if you don’t own an Origami R3 rack already, be sure to learn more about them here! They are incredibly versatile and will make your life easier by making organizing your home effortless and enjoyable. From there, you can expand upon it with these accessories!

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