Organize With Ease: The Origami R3

Struggling to keep your belongings tidy? Finding the right storage solution can be a challenge but our Origami R3 makes it effortless!

This versatile rack is perfect for your garage, pantry, office, or any space that needs a storage boost. Let's explore why the R3 might be just what you're looking for!

Gets Set Up In Seconds

The Origami R3 stands out for its user-friendly design and thanks to its patented folding system, you can set up this rack in moments - no tools or complex instructions are needed!

Simply unfold, and you're ready to go. It's ideal for busy folks who want effective storage without the hassle of time-consuming assembly. Essentially, the R3 makes organizing your space quick and painless for everyone!

Origami R3

Fits Anywhere, Stores Everything

Flexibility and versatility are the R3’s specialty. At 29" wide, 13" deep, and 35.5" tall, this compact rack fits in countless spots around your home. Don't let its size fool you - the R3 packs have amazing storage capacity for all of your essentials.

You can store a wide range of items with its three shelves, each holding up to 250 pounds with wheels and a massive 750 pounds without them. From heavy tools to delicate décor, the R3 handles it all with ease.

Origami R3 Storage Rack

Built To Last Indefinitely

Durability is key, and the Origami R3 delivers. Crafted from sturdy steel with a powder-coated finish, it's tough enough for garage use or even outdoor storage!

Despite its strength, though, the R3 remains lightweight and mobile. Just add wheels for easy movement, or fold it flat for compact storage when not in use. It's the perfect blend of strength and convenience.

Origami R3 Racks

Find Your Very Own R3!

In a sea of storage options, the Origami R3 shines as a standout choice. Its ease of use, versatility, and durability make it ideal for tackling organizational challenges in any part of your home or workspace.

If you’re ready to transform your storage game simply click here to explore R3 options and colors and find the perfect fit for your needs!

Need even more storage space? Then be sure to check out the Origami R5 - it offers the same great features as the R3, but with extra storage capacity. Between the R3 and R5, you'll have all your bases covered, especially if you color-coordinate them!

Don't let clutter control your life. With Origami, you're just moments away from a more organized, stress-free living space. They’re more than just storage racks - it's a lifestyle upgrade. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

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