Origami’s Best Storage Racks For Home Offices

Your home office is a place where you want to feel the most comfortable and productive, and one of the easiest ways to help with that is by staying organized and keeping your workspace clutter-free!

Having a reliable storage solution, such as a rack, nearby makes it simple to have all of your belongings in one place and accessible anytime you need them. Here, we will show you some of our top picks that can make your home office a place you feel your best and get anything done.

RB Series Bookcase

In many households, the bedroom can also serve as a home office, and for those who want shelving that looks elegant while also serving its purpose of storing different items, this Origami bookcase is a lovely option.

This shelving unit isn’t just for books - if it fits, you can put anything that’s important to you on any of its six shelves that can support up to 100 pounds, ranging from picture frames to folders and boxes of documents. This will give any room a stylish and modern touch and add a lot of personality and practicality to your home office.

Origami Bookcase

R2 Series Rack

The Origami R2 is one of the newest additions to our rack lineup, and what makes it stand out from the rest is its adjustable shelves!

Having this capability means you can shift each shelf as high or low as you need, which is perfect if you need to stack things high or want to minimize wasted space. Without wheels, this can support up to 80 pounds per shelf and 50 pounds each when using wheels.

Origami R2 Rack

R3 Series Rack

If you don’t necessarily need a tall storage rack and would prefer one that’s more compact and offers increased convenience, the Origami R3 may be exactly what you’re looking for.

This three-shelf rack is optimal if you want to keep your essentials nearby, such as your printer, supplies, and more. Despite its smaller size compared to the other storage solutions here, it’s highly durable and effortless to set up, like all Origami racks.

Origami R3 Rack

R5 Series Rack

Last up, we have the R5 rack, our most popular model and ideal for those who need something heavy-duty and more space than the R3 while still being portable and foldable like all others.

In fact, this has a lot in common with the Origami R3 in terms of overall design, except that it’s much larger and can hold a significant amount of weight (up to 1000 pounds without wheels) and is ideal for those who need a place to store many items, especially inventory if you sell products from home. 

Origami R5 Rack

Get Your Home Office Organized Today!

Whether you need a place to keep a few things tucked away or you require ample storage for a variety of goods, there is an Origami rack for your home office here!

All of these are foldable and preassembled and are excellent for other areas as well! It’s easy to make use of Origami racks in all aspects of your home, including, but not limited to, your bathroom, garage, and kitchen.

To learn more about these storage racks, including dimensions and the colors you can pick from for each one, click here to view our catalog and enjoy a quick checkout process!

All Origami racks are made with convenience in mind without compromising on style and quality - you’re bound to find the perfect one for your needs and get organized in no time at all.

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