Revolutionize Your Storage Space With The Origami R2

The area you have in your home or business to store your belongings is valuable, and to make the most of it, you’ll want to optimize the space you can work with.

While all of our storage racks have always had this in mind by offering foldable solutions that are a perfect fit for various purposes, the Origami R2 takes it to a different level by allowing you to adjust the levels of each shelf. Keep reading to learn more about this and the other features you’ll love about the R2!

Origami Adjustable R2 Rack

Shelving That’s Adjustable To Your Needs

Compared to our other best-selling storage racks that people enjoy for many purposes, one of the exclusive features that the Origami R2 has is that it allows you to remove and position the shelves perfectly to your liking.

Like our flagship Origami R5 rack, this also features four separate shelves to give you space for many of your most oversized items, but the R2 gives you more flexibility by letting you move them.

Perhaps you have smaller items that don’t need open space above them, or you’d like to be able to stack multiple boxes on one row neatly; all of this is possible based on whether you want to set the shelves higher or lower than one another.

Each shelf needs to be set to a minimum of 6 inches apart, but this is short enough to keep you from wasting space for some of the smaller or flatter goods that many people can store on their racks.

Origami R2 Storage Racks

Exceptionally Lightweight Construction

Standing at 60 inches tall, the same height as our R5, the R2 is a lighter and more compact alternative that you may find more accommodating to different parts of your home or anywhere you need ample storage space.

Despite having the same height, the R2 weighs 27 pounds, whereas the R5 weighs 41 pounds, which is because of a couple of different reasons.

Firstly, the Origami R2 is slightly less wide with shorter depth, and secondly, it’s also made with thinner steel, with each shelf being able to 28 pounds on each one without wheels and 18 with them on.

However, this doesn’t mean you lose out on high-quality construction and durability! The R2 is meant for individuals who need a large place to store lighter items and don’t need a rack as heavy-duty and robust as the R5.

Origami Foldable R2 Storage Racks

Useful For Any Occasion

Need a storage rack that you can comfortably place in most places? Then the Origami R2 is the rack for you.

The smaller overall footprint of the R2 allows it to fit in areas of your home that might have more confined spaces, such as your bathroom, kitchen, pantry, or bedroom, so you can keep these places organized the way you want them to.

Our Origami R3 racks are also versatile for the same reason, and the R2 shares the same 30-inch width and 13-inch depth as it; however, the Origami R2 is taller and has more shelves and is ideal for those who need the extra space without taking a larger overall footprint in the room.

Like all of the storage racks here at Origami, the R2 is also foldable, and you can attach the wheels included with it, so you can put it away or move it anywhere you see fit. Of course, being so lightweight also assists with this, making it one of the most convenient racks that Origami offers.

Get Yourself An Origami R2 Rack Today!

The Origami R2 storage rack is an outstanding addition to our product line, and likewise, it’s sure to be a fantastic asset anywhere you require a storage solution that’s reliable and flexible to your needs.

To learn more about the R2 rack and purchase one of your own, click here for more info and add one to your family today.

Be sure to check out our other storage racks and other useful goods as well, such as kitchen island carts, foldable desks, and our brand-new shoe flower. You’ll definitely enjoy these practical items, so don’t miss out!

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