The Perfect Complements for Your Origami R3 Rack

Although the Origami R3 is one of our most popular storage racks that offers exceptional functionality in a compact size, several accessories are available that can further enhance its utility! 

This guide will introduce you to the various Origami R3 accessories, each uniquely designed to expand, customize, and maximize the storage potential of your R3 rack.

Bridge Connectors

The bridge connectors are explicitly designed for the Origami R3 rack, allowing you to connect multiple R3 units to create a larger, more stable shelving solution. 

By attaching bridge connectors between two R3s, you can gain two additional shelves, providing you with ample space to store a wide range of items while ensuring stability, making it perfect for those who need extra space and prefer to keep their Origami rack in one place.

Hanging Baskets

Another valuable addition to the Origami R3 is the hanging baskets. These baskets are designed to fit seamlessly onto the R3's shelves and are made support many of your small items so they don't take up space on the main shelves. 

They can be easily pulled in and out, offering a convenient storage solution for various household items. Additionally, these hanging baskets are compatible with other Origami products, such as the R5 or foldout desk, further extending their usefulness.

Magnetic Shelf Liners

To preserve the quality and appearance of your R3 rack, the magnetic shelf liners are an essential accessory. These liners are perfectly fitted for the R3 and provide protection against scuffs, scratches, and stains, which is great when the R3 is stored in places where they get heavy use.

Their magnetic strips make sure they stay in place, offering peace of mind that your R3 will always look great. The set includes three shelf liners, effectively safeguarding each shelf of your R3 rack.


Storage Cubes

For those needing specific containers that fit perfectly on the R3 shelves, the Origami storage cubes are the ideal solution. These storage cubes are made to maximize the available space on the shelves, allowing you to organize and store your goods efficiently. 

These storage cubes are tailored to complement the design and dimensions of the R3 rack, providing a seamless storage solution.

Accessorize Your R3!

As you can see, we offer a range of options to expand, customize, and protect your R3 rack! Whether you need additional storage or some protection, these accessories are designed to integrate with the R3 rack effortlessly, increasing its overall functionality. 

By exploring all of the options available, you can tailor your R3 rack to suit your specific needs and facilitate a well-organized space in your home!

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