3 Easy Ways To Expand & Customize Your R5 Rack

The R5 shelving rack by Origami is a robust unit that is fantastic for serving various purposes around your home, office, storage unit - anywhere, really - but did you know that there are ways you can still add to it?

This guide will show you some easy ways you can spice up your Origami R5 rack with accessories that are made specifically for it and your convenience in mind.

Magnetic Shelf Liners

Shelf liners aren’t just for preserving your kitchen cabinets and drawers - they can also keep your Origami R5 rack’s surfaces in tip-top shape by preventing scratches, scuffs, stains, and spills on the wireframe!

Having shelf liners is also excellent for creating a flatter surface, so you can store smaller items on it without worrying about them potentially slipping through the wires. 

Unlike your ordinary ones, our shelf liners have magnetic strips on the ends that will keep them in place and stop shifting, keeping your valuables in one place.

Our shelf liners are easy to clean and designed to fit perfectly on each shelf and come in packs of four, so you’ll be able to get these lined up fast and keep your R5 looking great.

Origami Rack Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

The R5 is currently our largest storage rack and can support most, if not all, of your needs; however, if you find yourself wanting a little more from your Origami R5, you could benefit from some of our hanging baskets.

These baskets are a convenient and effective way to store countless smaller items like cleaning supplies, books, cables, or anything that fits!

The Origami hanging baskets can be purchased in pairs, so if you need some extra storage space, be sure to get yourself a set today or as many as you need.

If you happen to own some other products, such as the Origami foldout desk and our smaller R3 rack, these hanging baskets are also compatible with those and will serve you well there, as needed!


3-inch Wheels

Although every R5 rack comes with a set of very durable and stable 2-inch swivel caster wheels with butterfly locks to make moving it around a breeze, our 3-inch wheels have proven to be popular with those who want something more robust.

While the Origami R5 is remarkable for home use, where you might move it around once in a while, it’s also a powerful rack used for heavier-duty purposes, such as in offices and warehouses, where they may be transported around often.

That’s where the large 3-inch wheels come in - aside from retaining the same sturdy features as our 2-inch wheels, a larger wheel means that you have more surface to handle frequent movement on an everyday basis and will have even more confidence and peace of mind with the R5.

However, even if you don’t use your Origami R5 for commercial or industrial purposes, the 3-inch wheels, which come as a set of four, are still an easy upgrade or can serve as an excellent replacement down the line if you find yourself needing them.

Start Upgrading Today!

All of Origami’s products are incredibly easy to set up, and these accessories are no exception! 

Whether you want to add some magnetic shelf liners to keep your Origami rack in great condition and provide more surface to your items, slide on a hanging basket for more storage, or simply get some new wheels for it, we make it as simple as possible to make the R5 better serve your personal needs.

Purchasing Origami Rack accessories is effortless as well - just visit this page to view our collection and find exactly what you’re looking for today. Here, you can also find additional product information too.

Lastly, be sure to check out our other essentials, such as our preassembled and foldable desks and kitchen island carts, that can make your life easier!

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