5 Essential Add-Ons To Upgrade Your Origami R5 Rack

The Origami R5 storage rack is renowned for its capabilities, but by including a few accessories, you can improve on it even further!

Here, you will find some easy ways that will help you get the most out of your Origami R5, whether its some added protection, storage, and even mobility!

Magnetic Shelf Liners

Shelf liners can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your goods and the surface that they are on; however, they can shift around with use, which isn’t exactly convenient.

With our magnetic shelf liners that are precisely tailored for the R5 and its shelves, you can safeguard your belongings and the rack itself from scratches and slippage while it always stays secured in place!



R5 Rack Cover

Another way to preserve your R5 and the items it holds is by using our rack cover that is designed to shield it from the elements and maintain its pristine condition. 

Complete with a zipper closure for easy access, the rack cover is essential for outdoor use and in garages where dust and debris may easily accumulate.



Hanging Baskets

While the R5 can support a significant amount of weight right out of the box, did you know you can expand the storage capacity of your Origami R5? 

Perfect for organizing smaller items, these wire baskets complement the ample storage space of the R5, ensuring easy access and efficient organization while also reserving your shelves for much larger goods. You can also use these with our other products like our foldout desks too and give yourself more room to work with!



R5 Storage Cubes

In addition to our hanging baskets, simplify and systematically organize everything with Origami's versatile storage and organizing cubes, which are excellent for clothes, toys and anything that can fit inside!

Like our magnetic shelf liners, these are designed to fit just right on your R5, so that you can efficiently use each shelf without wasting space.



Large 3-Inch Wheels

For general purpose, the 2-inch wheels that come our R5 racks will be sufficient for most individuals, but to improve the maneuverability of your Origami R5, larger, sturdier wheels are available.

If you frequently relocate your rack. these wheels facilitate effortless space reconfiguration and item transportation and a perfect for commercial spaces! It's also worth noting that these are compatible with many of our other storage racks that use wheels, such as the smaller R3 model.



Take Your R5 Your Up A Notch!

By incorporating these accessories, you can transform your R5 into the ultimate storage machine while keeping it pristine.

Discover these handy add-ons and explore Origami's diverse range of storage solutions tailored to various needs, be it commercial, industrial, or residential by checking out our catalog here.

With Origami, it’s easy to get organized, and by exploring our selection, you’re bound to find the best choice for any space!

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