5 Origami Racks To Help You Sort Your Garage

From tools, toys, equipment, cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations, and so much more, garages are often used to store countless household items - not just vehicles!

Unfortunately, because of its convenience, garages can also quickly become disorganized over time. Here, you will find some excellent storage solutions for garages that will not only make it easy to sort things out and remove clutter but also keep it tidier in the long run.

Origami R5

The Origami R5 is our best-selling foldable storage rack because it is so well-rounded and loved for its versatility.

However, when it comes to garages, the R5 is unparalleled because of its durability and capacity! You definitely want a heavy-duty rack you can depend on to store various goods all year round.

With four shelves, commercial grade power-coated steel, and capable of supporting 1,000 lbs. without wheels and 300 lbs. with them attached, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a storage rack that can handle all of your needs.

Origami R5 Corner Rack

Space in your garage can be quite limited, which is why it's important to make the most of it, especially when trying to tidy up and get organized.

Those who want to take advantage of every possible place in their garage will surely benefit from our R5 corner racks since corners are often some of the most under-utilized spots in any room.

These are compatible and can be attached to the original R5 to make one large unit, or you can simply use these corner racks as a standalone unit and get the job that way. 

Origami R3

The smaller sibling to the Origami R5 is our extremely popular R3 model, which maintains its heavy-duty qualities but in a more compact size.

Unlike the R5, the R3 features three shelves and can handle up to 750 pounds! However, many people take advantage of the incredible mobility that the R3 offers, and with wheels attached, it can handle up to 225 pounds.

Therefore, the Origami R3 is fantastic for storing smaller items and transporting them to and from the garage, such as laundry and cleaning supplies!

Origami R2

While the R5 is more than capable of handling most of your storage needs, our R2 model is certainly worth a look because of its customizability!

If you’re conscious about wasting space, the adjustable shelves on the R2 make it easy to tailor them to the size you want. Simply detach and reattach them as needed!

Additionally, many individuals might not require a rack as heavy-duty as the R5, so the R2 is a fantastic alternative that is much lighter but still maintains durability and excellent capacity for most of your storage needs, being able to handle up to 320 pounds.

Origami R1

Another great customizable option for your garage is the R1, our foldable and stackable model that is incredibly simple to get set up and secure.

To facilitate this, our R1s come in packs of two and can be unfolded, stacked, and locked in under 20 seconds. Each tier can also support up to 150 pounds and, thus, can be incredibly reliable for storing common garage goods.

You can also utilize the open space underneath the rack, a feature unique to the R1 and useful for tucking away heavier items or simply boxes or containers.

Organize Your Garage Effortlessly With Origami!

If you’re looking for a storage rack that can handle all of your needs while also offering unbeatable convenience, look no further than the ones listed here!

To learn more about them and see other storage racks you might love around the home, just click here to see our entire storage rack catalog and find the perfect one for you today.

With Origami, organizing your home is easy, and the garage is no exception - just unfold, enjoy an easy setup, and you’re ready to go!

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