Rearranging Your Closet? These New Origami Products Can Help

Your closets in your home are some of the most useful spaces you have, and because of this, they’re very easy to get cluttered if you tend to store many items in them and don’t keep up with organizing them regularly.

However, if you have plans to clear out your closet and get it looking neat, Origami has some new storage solutions that you’ll love and make cleaning your closet as simple as possible. Keep reading and take a look at what's available to help you do just that!

Origami R2 Storage Rack

The Origami R2 is our newest addition to our storage rack lineup and has features that make it excellent for use in your closet.

This storage rack has four shelves like our flagship R5 model, but unlike the Origami R5, the R2 has adjustable shelves so that you can customize the height of each one to your liking. 

Positioning each shelf how you want allows you to utilize your space efficiently, which can be essential for smaller closets with a limited amount of area you can work with.

The Origami R2 also comes with a thinner frame, making it lightweight and suitable for even the most compact closets; its dimensions are 60 inches in height, 30 inches wide, and a depth of 13 inches. However, if you need something smaller, our R1 and R3 storage racks can also be great alternatives!

Origami Shoe Flower

If you love to keep all of your shoes in your closet, our shoe flower should be a real treat for you!

This shoe rack differs from your ordinary ones in that it features a round design as opposed to a wider one that can take up valuable space in your closet.

Additionally, the Origami shoe flower is also stackable - the base model comes with two branches that can hold up to six shoes each, but if you have many pairs of shoes, you can add up to 6 layers if you purchase extra shoe racks.

By doing this, you can build vertically, which is perfect if you’re tight on space in your closet. Simply rotate the layers to find the best shoe for you that day, and you’re good to go!

Let Us Help You Organize Your Closet Today!

Cleaning and sorting out a closet can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, and these brand-new products here at Origami will make your life easier.

To find additional information about these and explore many of our other best-selling storage racks, visit our collection by clicking here.

Origami is committed to providing convenient solutions to organizing your home, office, or anywhere you have storage, and hopefully, these will make the perfect addition to wherever you need them.

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