5 Accessories That Can Maximize Your R5's Potential

The Origami R5 storage rack is one of the best storage solutions that you can use in a variety of settings, and if you’re already an owner of one, you know how durable and capable it is on its own.

However, there are plenty of add-ons that can give this heavy-duty storage rack even more utility and keep it looking nice as you get a ton of use from it. Keep reading to find out how you can get the most out of your R5!

Magnetic Shelf Liners

Firstly, shelf liners are a great addition to the rack as they protect your items and the rack itself from scratches and prevent them from slipping, ensuring that your belongings remain secure and in good condition. 

While ordinary shelf liners can get the job done, Origami offers magnetic ones that are made to be a perfect fit for each shelf while staying in place due to the magnetic strip. If you’ve ever been frustrated by shelf liners shifting around, then these will be a lifesaver!

Origami Magnetic Shelf Liners

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are another useful accessory that can be added to not only the Origami R5 but many other Origami racks as well. 

While the Origami R5 provides ample storage space, especially for larger items, these baskets are perfect for storing smaller items and can help maximize the available space and keep everything within easy reach.

Origami Hanging Baskets

Larger Wheels

If mobility is a priority and find yourself moving your storage rack often, you can opt for larger wheels for the Origami R5. These wheels are even more durable and made for frequent moving, allowing you to reconfigure your space or transport items with minimal effort.

For many people, the smaller wheels that are included with the R5 will be sufficient, but replacing these are certainly ideal for those who use R5s in commercial or industrial settings where the rack may be used heavily.

Origami Large 3-inch Replacement Wheels

Storage Cubes

Our storage and organizing cubes can be used to streamline your storage system further, with separate compartments for categorizing and neatly storing your belongings. 

They come in different sizes and can be easily inserted into the rack, and because they are made with the R5 in mind, they will fit just right, and no space goes to waste.

Origami Storage Cubes

Rack Cover

Lastly, a rack cover is available for your Origami R5 so that it maintains its high-quality finish by keeping it clean and protected.

In addition to protecting it from the elements, it features a zipper closure for easy access. Definitely consider one of these if you happen to use your R5 outside or plan to in the future!

Origami R5 Rack Cover

Accessorize Your R5 Today!

By incorporating these accessory options into your Origami R5 storage rack, you can create a well-organized and efficient storage system that maximizes your space and keeps your belongings secure and easily accessible.

Simply click here to see all of the choices that were discussed here, including others you might find useful for other Origami goods.

Be sure to also look around and see our other storage solutions as well! The R5 is highly versatile, but you might prefer something more compact for various areas, including the bedroom and bathroom. Organizing any location has never been easier with Origami.

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