Origami’s Best Home Office Solutions For You

Whether you’re looking to remodel your existing home office or plan on starting one from scratch - Origami has you covered with the essentials that are quick and easy to implement! 

In this article, you’ll find some of the most reliable home office furniture and shelving that you can count on every single day and keep you as productive as possible.

Origami Foldout Desk

Origami 2-Shelf Foldout Desk

Every home office needs a desk that one can depend on, and our foldable desk is one of the easiest to set up!

Consisting of two shelves, Origami’s desk is incredibly light, weighing 40 pounds, comes preassembled, and requires no tools whatsoever.

However, despite its compactness, it can support up to 100 pounds, and it’s 47.5 inches wide, so it is large enough to let you get most of your necessities and personalized items on it, such as framed photos, a lamp, humidifier, and even multiple monitors if you wish.

Currently, you can purchase an Origami 2-shelf foldable desk in two different finishes - natural wood and powdered black - which are bound to suit the aesthetic of your office.


Origami Adjustable Desk

Origami Adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desk

Although the Origami foldable desk can be the cornerstone of your home office, there is also another similar but more casual option for you if you enjoy working in different parts of your home.

The Origami sit-to-stand desk comes with wheels and allows you to take your office wherever you go by being entirely adjustable, allowing you to sit down on your couch in your living room or even stand up and take care of business that way.

Not only is it accommodating in this regard, but it's also highly-ergonomic too, as every desk should be!

This desk doesn’t have as much space as the previous one, but it’s ideal for individuals who primarily use laptops and want extra flexibility with where they work at home.


Origami R3 Storage Rack

Origami R3 Series Rack

Next, a home office should have an area where you can easily organize everything, and the Origami R3 storage rack can be perfect for you due to its large size, durability, and like all Origami products, foldable and preassembled.

At just under 3 feet tall and 29 inches wide, the R3 consists of three shelves for you to keep all your essential belongings in one place, and can support up to 200 pounds.

The R3 isn’t just fantastic for offices, though; it can be used in all areas of your home, like your bathroom or garage, and come in a handful of different colors. We also carry useful accessories that you can add to them, such as shelf liners and hanging baskets.

So, definitely give these a look if you need more storage overall, as they are highly versatile! 


Origami R5 Storage Rack

Origami R5 Series Rack

Although the Origami R3 is perfect for most people’s needs, some people require even more space, and that’s where our R5 model comes in. 

Instead of three shelves, the Origami R5 storage rack has five of them and is 36 inches wide and 60 inches tall, which makes it optimal for people who need to store many items, such as boxes of documents or a large amount of inventory, for instance.

Instead of going wider with many storage racks, why not just go taller, and save yourself some space?

Additionally, like the R3, we carry accessories that are compatible with the R5, so you can customize them as needed.


Origami Multipurpose 5-Tier Rack

Origami 5-Tier Multipurpose Storage Rack

Many people who are outfitting a home office are working out of their bedrooms or living rooms, and while our R5 is the top-of-the-line when it comes to heavy-duty storage, understandably, it might not be suitable for everyone’s living spaces.

Suppose you’re looking for something slimmer and stylish but doesn’t withhold durability. In that case, our multipurpose storage rack has five tiers - three shelves and two baskets - that will also get the job done and also look lovely anywhere in your home.

Just like the Origami R3, and as the name suggests, you can’t go wrong with having more of these multipurpose storage racks around the house.

For instance, customers love having this rack in their kitchens, especially alongside a kitchen island cart, to simplify cooking and dining.

Build Your Office Today!

A home office doesn’t require a lot to promote both comfort and productivity, and all of Origami’s desks and shelving units will take out the headache of getting up and running.

As mentioned before, Origami provides the best experience by offering preassembled and tool-free solutions that can get your furnishings working within minutes and folded up and put away just as fast.

So, let Origami help you build the perfect home office you can be proud to do business in daily! Check out our catalog for more information about each of these products, and take the next step today.

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