Spring Is Coming! Let Origami Help You Prepare

For better or for worse, spring cleaning is part of the year that pops into everyone’s minds, and while some people look forward to doing a deep clean of the entire home, it can also be somewhat stressful for some individuals.

Luckily, no matter how you feel about spring cleaning, we’re here to make your life easier during this time of the year!

This guide will share with you some ideas for how you can clear out common areas of your home that can get cluttered over time and, hopefully, keep it that way throughout it.

Start At The Garage

Because the garage isn’t necessarily part of your living and dining spaces, people can have a tendency to want to move a lot of their old or unused possessions, including seasonal and festive decorations, to it. 

This is because the garage is a quick and easy way to move your clutter from one place to another - “out of sight, out of mind,” as they say.

However, as some readers here might have noticed now or in the past, this inevitably causes it to accumulate and potentially get out of hand. If this sounds like you, this coming spring season is an excellent time to start sorting through everything and figure out what should stay and what needs to go. 

The perfect way to organize your garage is to get yourself some preassembled and foldable R5 series storage racks by Origami, which consist of four shelves, stand at roughly 5 feet tall and can support up to 1000 lbs. without wheels and 300 lbs. with them on. 

With either method you choose, you should be able to gather the absolute essentials and organize them nicely! You can also find some accessories that can let you expand on an Origami R5 and truly make it your own.


Move To Your Closets

Next up, the closet is another common place that can get messy over the course of the year (or even longer!) if you’re not actively trying to stay up to date on keeping them tidy.

For example, old or unused clothing can quickly add up if you’re not keen on throwing out your stuff. And that’s completely understandable since you’d paid good money for these, and the thought you might wear them again crosses your mind once in a while, making it hard to part with them.

Spring is a season of change, reinvigoration, and new beginnings, though, and such positivity should be embraced, and the home is the best place to try to get a fresh start! If anything, you don’t have to throw them away - you can always sell or donate them if they’re in nice shape.

However, people often also use closets for various reasons, and to start organizing your closet spaces around your house, our R1 and R3 series storage racks are more compact solutions than the R5 and may be able to fit seamlessly inside them depending on the dimensions of your space.

Not only that, these multipurpose racks are excellent in other areas of your home as well and can be easily moved as needed.

Now Check Everywhere Else

Although the garage and closets are the typical locations that get disorganized at home, that doesn’t mean that the other areas don’t necessarily need work either.

After all, if you’re going to do a thorough job with your spring cleaning, it’s worthwhile to closely look around at the other places that might not be as tidy as they could be.

A good example of this can be something like the pantry or cupboards in your kitchen, where some older herbs, spices, and other ingredients that don’t get used take up valuable space. If you have a home office, you may also have some extra boxes and too many old documents that are doing the same exact thing

Even the outdoors, such as your patio or shed, can run into similar issues as the indoors, so don’t forget to look out there too!

No matter what area needs a spring cleaning treatment, we have a storage rack that will work for any occasion. Not only do our foldable R1, R3, and R5 series racks get the job done by giving you the space you need, but they also come with powder-coated steel frames that resist chipping and corrosion, making them a great choice anywhere.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Today!

This coming spring, let Origami lend you a hand with spring cleaning with our convenient storage racks that are simple to set up and will help you start organizing your stuff quickly.

To learn more about our products, such as dimensions and the colors we offer for each one, be sure to check out our catalog to find the best preassembled and foldable storage racks that will make spring cleaning a breeze!

So, there’s never a better time to start getting ready than today - give yourself a head-start and take a look at how Origami Racks can be a game-changer for you in every aspect of your home.

Lastly, if you need boxes, baskets, or containers for your belongings, give our foldable storage cubes a try! We have them designed for our popular R3 and R5 racks, and depending which ones you have, they'll fit just right.

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