Origami is the traditional folk art of paper folding. Origami Home Products has adapted these techniques and applied them to products for the home, which uniquely combine quality and style with function.

We live in a busy world, our goal was to make life a bit simpler. We challenged the status quo. Why can’t products for the home come fully assembled?   Why are tools necessary? Who has time to read an owner’s manual and search for missing pieces? We don’t have time, and don’t think you do either.

What began as a storage shelf for the garage and basement in just one color has expanded to quality products for every room of the house in a variety of shapes and colors.

Like you, we asked lots of questions. Why do shelves have to be silver? If I do not need a kitchen cart all year, where do I put it when I don’t need it? Isn’t there a better way to store shoes, hats and gloves? Why do I have to spend a lot of money for low quality back to school furniture?

At Origami Home Products, we take innovation very seriously. We are a new company with new thinking and fresh ideas. As a matter of fact, we get many of our ideas from you and the wonderful reviews you have rewarded us with.

Please spend time exploring our website, and be sure to watch the demonstration videos.

Quality, innovation and style is our company creed. We thank you for considering Origami Home Products.